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Challenge: Mismatched Tastes

it's all about the flavor

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when my husband and i married 8 years ago, he was a die-hard red meat carnivore. I didn't eat red meat to any great degree....i preferred chicken, rice, seafood. He was one, if he ate seafood at all, he would only eat it the way it was "supposed" to be made. for example, shrimp could only be with cocktail sauce or in scampi. he definitely was in the box.. and i was outside it.

for awhile we leaned on pasta and was a nice compromise but i was missing all of the fun things i liked to experiment with. we decided on those nights i wanted something different, he would cook his steak on the grill so we would both be happy. but soon he would be looking at my plate and telling me how good it looked. I would give him a taste at first, and then i would start sharing it with him until he actually got so he would try something new. many of the dinners I've cooked are with organic or fresh ingredients which makes a huge difference. he hated salmon but i got him to try wild caught alaskan salmon and now he loves it. he's turned a healthy corner eating more fish and chicken, especially after having a heart attack 2 years ago. and although it might take a couple of times, to get him to warm up to the idea, he knows there are better, healthier options than just a red meat diet.
Now the joke is how many things i've made him that are in his top 5 of all time favorites. we think there is about 100 in the top 5.

what it comes down to is being open minded about trying new things. I have had to step out of the box when it comes to eating a little more red meat and vegetables that i grew up never trying. but we both have formed a "foodie" relationship where we want to try new things. tonight we are making the spicy chicken Korean stew that was in the food segment. it's not something i might have made if it was just me, but if he wants to try something outside of his box, there's no way i'm going to stop it. it's fun knowing that there are so many tasteful opportunities ahead of us.

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