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Challenge: Mismatched Tastes

Huge Fight in Taste

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Well, my girlfriend and I have been together for around 10 months. We have different mindsets, so we argue quite often. Still, I think we manage quite well our difference in taste, so I guess it would be a great sharing to this challenge about how we work it out.

For a quick introduction, I am really into Asian food, especially Vietnamese food and Thai food. To me, they are simply the best. I eat a lot of rice (Asian root), and always have soup along with the meal (or else I think the meal will be too dry). I could take Western food, but I don't really fancy the sweet and cream and the lack of rice.

That's what I like - Spicy Asian Food

My girlfriend is quite opposite. She studied in Finland, Europe, so her taste totally favors towards Western food. Meatball, french fries and pasta - she loves them (I think they are too fatty and creamy). She could not handle any spicy, at all. And as you know, Asian food tends to be spicy (especially Thai food). She doesn't fancy rice, and quite selective in eating seafood and stuffs.

This is what she likes, Western Food

And we travel quite a lot. We stay together in Singapore (we both work here), and we all think it's a boring city. That's why she always cannot eat much during travel. I have a much easier taste, so I, most of the time, have to finish her portion. She always complained I'm getting fatter and fatter, and I joke that you should eat more, so I don't have to eat on her behalf. She always lament that I should do easy home exercise like foam rolling or push up, but I'm just lazy to do that.

Anyway, I think although we have some mismatch with our eating habit, it all comes down to we love each other and know how to compromise our taste to best support the partner. For weird food (a.k.a food we encountered during travel), I always do the tasting for her. And guess what, most of the time, I eat all the "weird food". That's why I'm fat!

There's always a solution for everything. Just think for your partner, and compromise to make each other happy. Such a little smile of your partner could totally make your day.

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