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From Disgusting Vintage Recipes To Delicious Modern Treats!

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Have you ever seen a picture of a disgusting vintage recipe and wondered what it tasted like or thought to yourself, "who thought canned meat was a good idea"?

And what was the deal with encasing everything in gelatin?

Hello, my name is Bethany Herwegh and I have a cooking show called Making It Modern where every week I go on an historical culinary journey by recreating vintage recipes that our grandparents used to make and then use them as inspiration to make new dishes more suitable to our modern taste buds.

For example, I thought the quintessential most revolting vintage recipe in the history of the universe was bananas covered in hollandaise sauce....

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

It turns out this is by far the most vile retro recipe I have ever made (and had the displeasure of eating)...

On the other hand, sometimes vintage recipes look terrible, but they are actually quite delicious...

Though most people come to watch me eat something repugnant, they stay to see how I make it modern!

Personally, I think the TODAY show audience would love to see their hosts try some of these culinary disasters, and then be inspired as I turn them into an easy and delicious modern meal!

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