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Challenge: Mismatched Tastes

Dinner MashUp Style

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This happens a lot at my home and especially when my kids were smaller, they did not enjoy the same foods. I always looked at things as a challenge to face and we made it fun. By taking some of the favorite tastes of the people involved, you can make a new recipe idea by mashing up the flavors.

Now more than ever the opportunity exists to explore new ingredient fusions. My best advice is to take a favorite food of the persons involved and find a mutually-complementary dish to change up. For example, if someone loves ramen and someone else does not like it but loves chicken tenders. Experiment and try putting the two together with some additional spices and seasonings. Keep in mind that you want to gradually introduce the new flavor so be mindful of the quantities. If someone truly does not like ramen, break it up into small bits or make meatballs with it.

Ask them to try this new recipe, without explaining what you are trying to do. Serve it with something that both people like because it will be accepted easier that way. Best case scenario is that you have added a new meal to your usual dishes and you have opened up some flavor doors for your family.

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