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Challenge: Next Food Club Star

Antigoni Sander McCloud | A Pinch of Lemon

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Hi Today Food Crew and Food Club Members!

I’m Tig! This opportunity to cook alongside the TODAY show team in Studio 1A is truly my dream. Most days I find myself watching the show with my morning coffee, not only inspired by what I am seeing on my TV, but also wondering, if given the chance to cook with Al,which of my dishes would get him excited!? The answer? Without a doubt my Greek Mac 'n' Cheese with Spinach, Artichoke and Feta Cheese!

Growing up in a Greek-American household enjoying food with friends and family is at the heart of all of my memories. The star of every holiday was the food table. The reward for a job well done? Food! I soon came to realize that we Greeks use food to make each other happy! So, I began to cook for anyone who would eat what I made, and I have not slowed down since! These days I wear a lot of hats, I own a restaurant and catering business, I write and maintain my new blog A Pinch of Lemon, plus, I make appearances as a food and lifestyle expert on Twin Cities area TV Stations. It's a lot to juggle, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Please read on to learn a more about me and how I got into this fabulous juggling act!

In my early twenties I waited tables in NYC while I was working in the theater. It was during this time that I was introduced to a food culture that I had never before experienced. It was cool. It was exciting. And I was into it! The more I immersed myself in the city’s food scene, the more I realized that the theater was no longer where I was finding inspiration, and instead, I was finding it in my own kitchen, in the restaurants I worked in, and throughout all the other fabulous food destinations that New York had to offer. This is when I knew that connecting and entertaining audiences guided by my passion for food was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

A couple years after having my light bulb moment, I landed my first TV Cooking appearance on Twin Cities Live. For my first appearance on the show I came on as the face of Kafe 421, my restaurant which I own with my mom. That day I demoed a recipe for Quinoa Salad (before quinoa was EVERYWHERE) and OMG, working on set was AWESOME. My dreams were slowly coming true! I was on TV! I was sharing stories and recipes and encouraging viewers at home to bring something fresh and new to their tables! Hooray!! Less than two months after my first appearance on the Twin Cities Live I was asked to be a regular Food Contributor for the show. And from that moment I was regularly being asked to put my Midwest-Mediterranean spin on everything from Burritos, to Nachos, to even the most classic of comfort foods, Meatloaf, or "Greekloaf," if you will :)

Twin Cities Live Highlights

The time I nearly burned down the set

Tig: Food Reporter

Tig: Twin Cities Live Guest Co-Host

In addition to my local TV cooking demos and appearances I have had several opportunities to put my self-trained culinary chops to the test competition style!

Live Well Network:The Home Chef Showdown (hosted by Chef Ryan Scott)

Chopped Style Promo: Food Network and VitaMix

I have even spent time selling knives, toaster ovens and skillets on ShopNBC!

ShopNBC (now EVINELive): Guest and Product Spokesperson

In June of 2015 I was thrilled to launch my blog, A Pinch of Lemon. This site is where I strive to share tasty recipes with my readers, as well as household tips, entertaining advice, and interviews with people who are doing great things in the food world.

Every day I feel SO lucky to have the chance to be doing what I love. Connecting with people through food brings me such joy, and I love making that connection through all media outlets, but especially television, and I cannot wait to do more of it. The possibility of coming on TODAY to share my recipes and ideas with your loyal viewers would be beyond amazing. Thank you so much for the possibility!!

Learn more about me by following me on social media, plus find more videos on my YouTube Channel!


Thank You!

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