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Challenge: Cabin Fever

Indoor Activities You Can Do With Your Toddler Using Stuff You Already Have Around the House

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Have you ever come across an activity that would have been perfect for your child only to find you don’t have the needed food coloring, have never heard of washi tape, and have no idea what a Cri Cut machine even is?

Well, here are some toddler activities even us normal moms can do, using materials you (if you are like me that is) already have around the house:

1. Wine Cork Pick Up!

Needed Supplies:

-wine corks (add more with each passing snow day!)

-some sort of bin

-a glass of wine


Dump out said corks and have your toddler run around to pick them up while you sip from the couch.

Optional: Make it educational by counting as your child picks up and/or have your little one sort by wine varietal. (Example: Two Cabernet Sauvignon corks)

Version 2.0: Attach paper clips to corks and grab a magnet from the fridge. Attach magnet to some string and you have a fishing game.

2. Grocery Bag Surprise!

Needed Supplies:

-all the grocery bags from your snow storm preparation run

-random odds and ends from around the house

-a glass of wine


Line up all the grocery bags

Put stuff in them

Have your toddler pull stuff out

Sip wine while watching

Optional: Have your child name the object and its color. (Example: a silver immersion blender)

Version 2.0: Staple and/or tape the bags shut to buy you more time.

3. Post It Note Fun!

Needed Supplies:

-Post It Notes

-a glass of wine


Put Post It Notes on everything, including your child

Watch your child try to deal with that nonsense as you sip wine

Optional: Draw pictures on each Post It note and have your child identify and/or match them. (Example: Yes, Johnny, the wine glass does go with the bottle.)

Version 2.0: Put Post It notes increasingly out of reach

4. Tear Up A Box!

Needed Supplies:

-the last box from whatever your ordered off Amazon Prime

-a glass of wine


Have your toddler tear up the box.*

Sip wine

Optional: I don’t really know with this one. Talk about boxes.

Version 2.0: Add stickers and tape for added difficulty.

*Note: Your toddler might be a bit more sophisticated than mine and thus not interested in this activity. However, if s/he is, it buys your easy 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the box.

5. Laundry Basket Surprise!*

(*The surprise here is when your partner throws out his back.)

Needed Supplies:

-a laundry basket

-your partner or any other willing (or non willing) adult who happens to be snowed in with you.

-a glass of wine

Have your partner (who probably owes you big time anyway) swing your child around in a laundry basket until one or both of them passes out. Sip wine while watching.

Optional: Teach your toddler the sign for “again” so he can keep insisting on more rides.

Version 2.0: Turn the laundry basket into a sled and your partner into a sled dog. Pretend play!

Good luck everyone!

Please Note: I do not condone the use of drinking excessively in front of children, throwing them, or allowing them to use immersion blenders.

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