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Challenge: Hair Dos and Don’ts

Be a "Star" when you go back to school

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Sevie is "a star" on her first day in first grade.

Going back to school at this age can be traumatic. Lots of tears, tantrums, hitting, biting, pushing and shoving and then they make the parents go home! ;-) But seriously, having a cool "do" can make for some great ice breaker conversations among the kids.

Most often when I'm offering an opinion it is in the 'been there, done that' perspective since I’m on the other side of the fence, so-to-speak. But, in this case, Grandma is actively involved in assisting Mom and Dad in keeping the granddaughters cutely coiffed (if not the grandsons!). After all, having five daughters meant doing a LOT of hair in the mornings!


This star is done with 7 small elastics, a comb, and an attention grabbing movie on the big screen to help their attention span!

First, divide hair at front (from hairline to the crown) into three sections. You can just band them off if you'd prefer, but i french braid those sections from hairline to crown, then band them off close to the head at the crown, equally spaced. These are the center points and two side points of the star so position them to your preference. Divide center pigtail into two equal sections and braid each section. Band them each off individually. Do the same (two braids) with only one of the side pig tails. Bring one of those braids straight across to the opposite side pigtail. Band together. Braid that pigtail with all of the hair in that pigtail. Bring remaining braid from side pigtail and one braid from center section to make the bottom point on the opposite side of the star (for example: left upper to right bottom). Bring single braid and remaining braid from center section to form the remaining point. See photo (easier to do than explain.) You'll want to mind the appearance when placing braids over or under the intersecting braid. Curl or Braid the pigtails that hang free.

Refer to photo - easy to see the process.

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