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Woke Up Unemployed And Scared- Wife And Kids Scared

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It still seems like yesterday , just got the kids off to school around 6:30am and the phone starts vibrating like usual. It seemed just like any other morning starting off, except i didn't have my morning coffee yet.

I picked up my phone and freshly poured cup of coffee and headed down the hall to my overly dirty office. I turned on my monitor and booted up for my day and took my first sips of coffee.

I picked up my phone to scan messages and to check any text messages. There was one that caught my eye right off the bat , it was my boss from work in LA which is unusual at 6:30am.

I noticed he called 3 times and then left a voicemail. I felt a rush over me as i heard from him maybe every other week always mid afternoon. I was slow to push the "check message" icon an hear the words " Hey Nate, it's David could you please call me as soon as you get this".

This made my nervous rush even peak more, i got up from my desk and headed down the hall for more coffee and fresh air.

Once back inside the house i refilled my coffee cup and headed back into the office to face what my gut was telling me.

I hit redial and on the second ring , I heard " Nate" i said hey man how are you . Umm , I am ok but i have some terrible news. I just got word from accounting we have to let go 3 people today.

I was speechless, angry and agitated while he kept rumbling off why it had to be done. After about 10 minutes i said ok, i will talk to you soon about last check then.

Now i could continue about the rest of my next few days on what i was going thru but i will tell you what i did do. When the scary part sinks in that your wife and kids could be living in the streets you start to hustle.

I started looking for work , but being remote makes it hard to find a great job. So i thought what could i do to earn a decent living to support my family. I started searching for ways to build a website to start a business with little savings i had.

During my search i found this resource : list of website builder to get started

I bought a domain name for 9.99 at Godaddy , used a sitebuilder from this list and started a family blog on how to start your own business website.

Today i make 1/2 of what i did in the Corporate world , but i have reach some sort of freedom. I wont ever get a call at 6:30 again telling me that my life has changed.

This has been worth the journey , the tears and to see the extra time i can spend with my family. Its been a good ride.

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