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What Moms Should Know About Creating Their Own She-Shed

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A few years ago when it first gained popularity, you might have thought the term “she-shed” sounded silly, but as busy moms, it doesn’t sound so bad to think about having our own quiet space away from our family where we can escape from time-to-time.

The truth is, adding a she-shed to your property isn’t a bad idea. It can give you a refuge of relaxation, and you can use it not just for escaping the little ones, but it can serve as an office, a crafting space, or in some cases if you add climate control, even as a place for guests when you’re not using it.

The following are some tips to design the perfect she-shed.

Decide on the Structure

You really have so many options available when it comes to the actual structure of your she-shed. You can use an old existing building and clean it out, buy a building kit, or go with a more modern, industrial look, such as using metal building homes.

Ultimately the decision rests on a few factors including what you want to use the space for, how much square footage you want, and what your budget is.

Climate Control

You’re probably not going to find it relaxing to escape to your she-shed if it’s sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter.

You will need to think about climate control to maximize your use of your building.

When you choose a climate control option such as a heating and cooling system, it can not only maintain the temperature but also prevent humidity, dust, and dryness.

Some options include window air conditioning units, as well as the more advanced Climate Right system, which is more similar to a traditional home heating and cooling system.

You can also opt for fans and space heaters, but heaters in particular can be dangerous, so it’s important to be careful if you go this route.

The Exterior

While the interior of your she-shed is really up to you, when it comes to the exterior, don’t forget about a few things.

First, create a path or walkway from your home to the shed. This will make it easier to get to, which can be especially helpful if you’re also using it as a space for guests. It will also create a feeling of connection between your home and the shed. If the walkway is short enough, you might also consider covering it.

You should think about landscaping and exterior color schemes as well. You want your shed to be a natural fit with the rest of your property, so think about keeping the colors the same or similar to your home, and landscape it in a similar style to the rest of your lawn. You certainly don’t want it to look like an eyesore.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you create the perfect mom-worthy she-shed. It’s a fun idea for us moms who want our own place to enjoy reading, our favorite hobby, or just relaxing at the end of a long day.

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