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Top 5 Ways To Entertain Your Children On Your Next Camping Trip

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As a mother, you should know better than anyone else that it can be hard to keep your kids entertained for a long period of time.

While you may believe that the very act of your family going camping means your kids will be entertained the whole time, that may not necessarily be true.

You still have to find things for your kids to do, and that’s what we’re going to talk about here.

Here are the top five ways to entertain your children on your next camping trip:

Assign Your Kids Responsibilities

Assigning your children responsibilities on your camping trip not only gives them something to do, it also makes them feel like their help is valued.

Examples of basic responsibilities you can assign include helping make the meals, fetching water from the creek, getting the bikes ready if you’re planning on going on a bike ride, and so on. Speaking of biking…

Go Mountain Biking

When you go camping you’ll definitely want to travel up some mountain trails to get some scenic views. Kids may not necessarily look forward to hiking up those trails, but they will more than likely look forward to biking up them.

Teach Them Fun DIY Camping Hacks

Yet another way you can help entertain your kids is to teach them fun DIY camp hacks that utilize common everyday items and yet will prove to be very useful around camp. has lots of great ideas on the best camping hacks for you to use.

After teaching your kids a new hack, have them practice building it on their own and then use it to see the benefits of it.

Examples of cool hacks you can teach your kids include making lanterns of water filled milk jugs and headlamps, waterproofing matches with candle wax, using Doritoes as kindling, or cutting a water bottle into the shape of a spoon.

Go Fishing

Fishing is an excellent camping activity because it’s something that adolescents of all ages will enjoy. Furthermore, knowing how to fish properly is a crucial life skill and something that all parents should teach their kids how to do.

The best times to fish are in the morning or early evening, as those are when the fish will be feeding and are therefore the most active.

Cook Over The Campfire

Most kids will find cooking food in the oven or over the stove to be ordinary and boring, but cooking over a campfire offers an entirely different kind of experience that they will likely find more fun.

There are many different foods and recipes you can cook over a fire. Make sure to involve your kids in the cooking and food preparation process so they feel like their contributions are valued.

Entertaining Your Children On Your Camping Trip

All in all, these are just five of the best ways you can ensure your kids remain happy and entertained the next time you go camping.

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