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Challenge: Digging Deep

Tips For Handling the Worst Thrown Your Way

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The true tests of parenting happen when you least expect it.

From the time of conception and news of a bundle of joy on the way, we all go out of our way to gain some control through planning and decision making. We stock up on all the supplies, read every piece of parenting and pregnancy literature and guide their development and growth every step of the way.

But what happens when something comes your way that you're not ready for?

There are some steps you can take that will help you deal with these circumstances -- including the worst that life has to offer. In exchange, you will also be living as an example, so that your kids know how to respond to adversity.

Since this is good for the entire family, keep reading and apply these life principles.

Hone Your Emergency Mindset

While you can't plan for every emergency, you can absolutely plan for the way that you respond to them.

When adversity strikes, your very first response needs to be to calm down and assess the facts of the situation. Accept the reality of what just happened, so that you can then quickly brainstorm and take the right action.

Keep emergency contact information handy and make sure that you have a plan to get through certain circumstances -- such as kitchen fires and emergency room visits. Control what you can control, such as purchasing the best auto insurance and having the contact info of an accident lawyer handy in case you sustain injuries while on the road.

Make sure that you place getting to safety as the top priority, while keeping your children calm and quickly urging them to follow your lead. Speak calmly, yet authoritatively, and focus on slowing and deepening your breathing, and you can handle virtually anything that life throws your way.

Take Time to Clear Your Mind

When you embrace meditation as an everyday practice, you are better able to think clearly and respond to any situation that comes your way.

Meditation is shown to boost your health, in that it reduces anxiety, increases confidence, speeds up your cognitive processes and helps you stick to a health lifestyle as a whole.

There's a reason that this practice is gaining popularity, and people are taking mindfulness and yoga classes, making it part of their work week. By increasing your ability to deal with stress and make decisions, you are always better equipped to dig deep and take action as a parent.

Relate to Your Children Every Step of the Way

It's important that you make every situation a learning experience for your children.

Since they watch you and observe what you do more than they listen to what you say, always be aware of this and lead by example. Show that you are responsible, and explain your flaws to them if you happen to make a mistake.

Seeing how you handle both the good and the bad will work wonders when it comes to passing that example down.

If you live life by these three principles, you're better able to dig deep when it comes down to it.

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