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The Silent Killer

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Oh hey there it’s me, your kidneys. You don’t have to say hi right now. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to say anything at all. I’ll just wait. I’m quite patient that way. I’ll wait until you can’t stop saying my name. I’ll wait until I’m the topic of every one of your conversations. See, you don’t think I’m that important right now. You ignore and abuse me. You live off of fried and processed foods. You don’t care about the amount of soda or sodium you consume. You don’t care because you don’t know about me. You have no idea the amount of pain that I can cause. I move in silence and kill you slowly. By the time you realize the damage I’ve done it will be too late. I will destroy your life and cause enormous pain to both you and your family. The hospital will become your second home and you not walking out alive will become a real possibility with every visit. Oh, and kidney transplants you say? Sometimes they work, but many times they don’t. Just ask my dear friend Brandi who is writing this article. Me and her family go way back. I’m always the topic of every conversation during their gatherings, mostly being funerals though. So please, continue to ignore me and live freely as if life has no consequences. I’ll be waiting for you and by then we will have the opportunity to get to know each other very well.

Brandi currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida and is mom to her beautiful daughter MacKenzie. She is the author and creator of the blog where she shares her thoughts on parenting as well as beauty and fashion trends. Brandi is a firm believer that becoming a parent shouldn't completely change who you are and believes that it's important to love yourself post-baby. She is most passionate about fashion and being an inspiration to her readers as they travel along their own style journey.

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