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Mobile applications to help mothers

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In today's world, few parents do without specialized mobile applications, mobile development company does this, with their help, young mothers not only entertain their children and follow their development, but also calculates hours of feeding, conducts photos and video diaries, communicates with other parents, and - support in active form their working and social. mobile development company does this.

What applications are most in demand for young working moms - they will tell! Electronic moms Recently, Google introduced a sociological study "Digital moms on the Internet", according to which the most active Internet users are mothers with children under 3 years old. And this is not surprising! Young mothers can no longer imagine their lives without modern gadgets and the Internet. We send a photo to a loved one from the hospital, watch a video about caring for a child, note the weight and height of a baby in notes, follow the news and actively communicate ...

And every mother, naturally, has her own list of the most favorite and popular applications. In which, of course, the leading places are mostly game and entertainment services for children. Yevgenia Brodskaya, head of the analytical group in the sales department, Google, mother of three: "Applications for parents and children are invariably one of the most popular on Google Play. According to statistics, kids (and, accordingly, their parents) prefer games based on favorite children's cartoons, for example, "Pig Pig", "Paper", "Fixiki" and others.

Also popular are various developmental applications for the youngest: games from Lego Duplo, interactive puzzles, the alphabet. All these applications help parents to entertain and develop children. Meanwhile, do not forget that the mothers themselves are also active users of applications, for example, electronic notes, photo editors, organizers - that is all that helps them to lead an active life of the young parent. "What specific applications they choose for themselves and their children moms of kids from 0 to 3 years old We asked three different mothers to compile their top 3 applications and describe their pros and cons Nastya Mikheeva, 29 years old, deputy financial director, mother Fedya (2 years and 2 months) I love technology , which at least somehow help everyone to have time my busy schedule, and without a smartphone, I like both hands and at work and at home! Of the most useful applications for myself as a busy mom, I highlight the following: 1Feedly (Android, iOS) .In the decree, I was very afraid that my world would be consist only of diapers and diapers.There was no time to watch the news, to follow the appearance of articles on professional topics on the Internet.

The Feedly application came to help me, here you can select the interesting topics and sites that you prefer. YouTube channels. This saves time and allows you to stay in the topic. From the minuses I can note that the application interface is in English, but for me it was not a problem. 2Evernote (Android, iOS). A useful tool for taking notes and organizing information. I really liked the fact that records can be shared with other people. I make a shopping list ي and not online to see what she bought, and for what products I need to call after work. It is important that it is possible to receive reminders at the right time or in a specific place. With my busy schedule, family and the desire to devote time and myself, reminders are a godsend! However, if a small defect, I would like to edit the notes could be easier, for example, simply by tapping the screen in the place where you want to make changes.

3Monefy pro (Android). I am responsible for the finances in our family, so I try to write down everything that we spend. My favorite application is Monefy. First I tried the free version, and in a couple of days I bought Monefy Pro. The application is very nice, it's easy to deal with it, it's intuitive. You can choose different icons and categories for purchases, for example, "clothes", "baby" or "children's toys". And nothing, except the amount spent, you do not need to enter. The application saves time and allows you to see how much was spent per month, for example, on products or on children's things. Of the minuses - in the free version of a limited set of categories for costs. But the paid version is inexpensive and exactly worth the money.

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