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The Day My Three Year Old Told Santa The Honest Truth

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Life is hard sometimes. Really hard.

Being brave is hard too. It doesn’t matter who you are, somewhere on your map of life, there will be a crossroad where you’ll feel out of your comfort zone. It’s probably going to be difficult there.

Being brave is not just about doing something you don’t think you can do. Being brave is often about embracing that fear so that it can transform you into a better version of yourself, which will allow you to shed that layer of distress and move forward as a stronger person.

A freer person.

A more truthful person.

This picture circa 1997 is of our sweet daughter Emily being brave. Believing in Santa and sitting on his lap is kind of a big deal. So when Santa asked, “Have you been good this year?” it was time for her to get her brave on. And as only a three year old can do when they are being a brave truth-teller, she rose to the occasion and was brutally honest. After a nice long pause and a moment of deep thought, she proclaimed her truth. Her answer to Santa was pure and frank and the love inside of her truth was big and wide. With her favorite baby doll at her side reassuring her along the way, and her waterspout ponytail atop of her head for added confidence, Emily looked at Santa and answered, “Not really, but kinda.”

And guess what? Christmas morning still came! And there were presents under the tree. And Emily’s face was lit up brighter than any holiday lights could ever be. And that day, our little three year old learned that good things still do happen even if you must confess the not so good things first. And not just during the Christmas season but all year long, what an absolutely magical gift that is.


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