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Do young mothers need a plastic surgery?

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Did you ever hear anything about the American movement called "Mommy makeover"? For those who do not know, this is a new fashionable trend, which has overwhelmed almost all American clinics of plastic surgery.

Many women after childbirth complain about some kind of flaws in their figure: sagging breasts and stomach, multiple stretch marks and of course, some extra pounds gained. The list is endless.

Meanwhile, celebrity moms among whom are Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump sport ideal figures even after a childbirth. How can you not admire their beauty and not consider a plastic surgery when it can make a woman regain her figure.

What does the "Mommy makeover" program involve? First of all, it is a plastic surgery of the breast and tummy areas. If desired, you can adjust any other areas as well.

What do experts say?

Most of their patients are women who decided to have a plastic surgery after a childbirth. What are their reasons? On the one hand, this is a fashion thing; on the other hand, it is the confidence in the new technologies involved in the modern plastic surgery.

Modern women want to always stay young. For them, it is important to keep their body young and beautiful for many years. Their lifestyle or even clothing depend in part on having a beautiful figure. Therefore, modern moms, prefer not to stay with their children for a long time when on maternity leave and try to get to get back to work as soon as possible.

Experts say that after feeding a firstborn, the breasts will regain their former shape only in a third of women. These are the representatives of the fair sex, who have a small beast and who quickly managed to lose weight.

Another third of women will be faced with stretched skin and a ptosis of the mammary glands. However, some lucky women can find their breasts to be of much larger size after a childbirth.

The same is true for the abdomen: someone can regain her beauty without a plastic surgery. However, after multiple pregnancies, it is almost impossible.

When a woman is pregnant, the muscles of her abdomen have to slacken. This phenomenon is called a diastasis. Unfortunately, the muscles are not always capable of getting back in shape. This depends, first, on the size of the fetus, and secondly, on the anatomical features of the mother herself.

Nevertheless, we do not advise you to immediately run to a plastic surgery clinic. If possible, you should try to stabilize the weight with the help of proper nutrition, and fix your figure with the help of fitness. If you can’t achieve success on your own, then you may want to consider Calgary plastic surgery.

One way or another, the regained beauty will be an incentive for keeping yourself in shape. Many women who agreed to a plastic surgery regained their self-esteem and a sense of confidence, which is truly vital for a modern woman!

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