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6 Things No One Told You About Pregnancy

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It is indeed a wonderful and glorious moment for any wannabe mother when she finds out that she is going to conceive a child of her own. However, as wonderful as it may feel, pregnancy also comes with its own share of complications and consequences. Therefore, no one should take such a thing lightly. In fact, women should be highly aware about all the minor and major changes that keep taking place during this time. Here are some of the things that most women would not know about the issue of pregnancy. These are some things that you need to know everything about.


Okay, so he may have been the husband who made all those vows but the truth is that when you are expecting, you start expecting something from your partner as well. After all, he is not just the man who earns bread and comes home to gaze at your beauty. He is also going to be a father. You start judging your partner a tad too harshly. You may get irritated at his little habits and at his mistakes as well. So, this is the time for some of those irrational tantrums and whims and fancies. This is pretty normal in pregnancy. So, your husband should not take them to his heart.


While you might feel a bit irrationally angry with your husband’s actions, the truth is you may also feel quite close to him during your pregnancy. This is because both you and your hubbie are delighted with the wonderful child growing inside your womb. It is true that the birth of a child makes your relationship really intimate. You begin feeling really close to each other. So, this kind of intimacy actually is one of the best things when being pregnant. You will actually love this part of your life the most. The intimacy is something that would delight your partner as well.


Pregnancy is also a rather ambiguous time of your life when it comes to sex. At one moment, you are looking more womanly and gorgeous than ever- with large breasts and rich complexion. All these things arouse your partner. At the same time, you are worried about how the physical act could damage your child. You start having fears of miscarriage and so on. So, this is a time of bittersweet fun. You indulge in some experimental ways of love-making or you simply let go and have a ball of a time on the bed with your partner. In any case, your relationship with him is now rich and beautifully poignant.


Apart from the fact that you may start to go shopping for the clothes, crib mattress, milk bottles, etc, pregnancy is also one of the times when you will be busy scratching your heads over the name of the child. If it is a boy, you will have to think of some nice Catholic name that would be just appropriate enough for him. If it is a girl, you have to think of something sweet and nice. So, when you are naming a child, you have to sit with a pen and a pad and decide all the ideas for the male and female names as well. So, this is one of the tricky things to do for children when you are actually pregnant. This is something that every mother should be ready for.


The first three of months are going to be really hard on you. This is a time which is punctuated with the usual symptoms of vomiting, nausea and morning sickness. This is because this is a time when you are going to curse the situation. The first three months are also times when you are willing to splurge on certain foods like lemons, pickles, cakes, sweets, ices and so on. This time becomes a bit tough because you are trying to make sense of all the problems that are actually taking place around you. So, you need to keep your calm and face all the things bravely.


Essentially, pregnancy and motherhood are definitive signs of coming of age in the life of a young woman. It is now that a woman learns how to tackle larger responsibilities and obligations in the future without any problem at all. She feels responsible and obliged to care for the child and she accordingly changes her behaviour as well. So, you have to now embrace the new life as a mother that awaits you. You will now be able to transform into a full-fledged mature woman without any problem. This is how your life will change without any warning.

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