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3 fun activities that your kids can engage in!

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Keeping the kids at bay is a very difficult task when they have a lot of free time on their hands. The sole reason is that they have very active minds and this causes them to think up new mischief. The biggest issues that the parents face is how to handle them well. There are a lot of activities that you can involve yourself in along with your children. These activities are helpful in developing your child and at the same time help you spend some quality time with your children and also keeps them busy all at once.

Activities for kids :

These activities are all very easy to conduct, and they can help you bind with your children. There is no need for you to worry much about how you are dealing with the mess as the kids might end up helping you since they have had a good time enjoying with you.

CREATING MEMORIES: The precious ones!

Life is very hectic ad it is up to us how we steal away some precious memories from it. All that we need is to know how to make them and preserve them. One such method of preserving the essence of your loved forever in the most precious way is given here. All you need to have is a strand of hair of your love, and you will have a specially cultivated form of most precious stone in the form of your loved one. Some of the activities that you can opt for are mentioned here. Now it is up to you how you keep that special diamond with you, be it in the form of a ring or another piece of jewelry; you always have them near you.

Our family is our soul and this we realize when a loved one leaves us behind. Our children are what keeps us breathing. There are many ways we like to preserve our loved one's memories, smells and habits but even when we fail to have the feel of having them close. Memories and keepsakes help you remember them fondly and enjoy the times you have spent with them.

It is a norm of life when we find that our loved ones leave us behind for whatever the reason maybe, they might have failed their fights for life, and in some cases, they move on to other states and other countries. The thing that is left behind is nothing but their memories. This happens especially in case of our children. When they grow up, they move on with their lives and start living far away from us. So a very interesting way to have them always by your side is to create memories with them!

The activities are discussed below:

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble wrap is an amazing and fun-filled activity within itself. Even adults enjoy bursting the bubbles and having a great time. Some of the activities that can be done using the bubble wraps are:

• Bubble wrap painting is one fun way to bond with your kids over some colors. All you need is some bubble wrap; you can simply put it down on a table and tape it. This will prevent the bubble wrap moving here and there. Once done, then you can then give paints to your kids. They can start painting over it, using brush or hands whatever they feel comfortable with. Once done they can then be given a clean paper sheets. Once they press these sheets over the paint that they have done there will be some unique and beautiful prints all over the page, and they will feel proud over their handiwork, and you would do too!

• There is another activity that you can do with your kids using the bubble wrap sheets. All you have to is to cut out different shapes that your child may want. Once you have the cut out all you need to do is cut a bubble wrap of the same shape and then paste it over the cutout. Now you can use a mixture of colors or solo color and stamp it where ever you want to. It will create a beautiful pattern. You can bring a variation in the pattern by changing the size of the bubble wrap sheet that you are using.

Colorful Tapes:

• Another very interesting activity that you can do with the kids is that you can simply get out your sticky colored papers or tapes that you can ask your child to put over the window in various patterns. This will bring out the creative side out of them. The tapes then would reflect colorful light into the rooms. The best part of this activity is that the kids can change the pattern as and when they want!

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