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Challenge: Next Food Club Star

Enjoying all the Food with Holly Waterfall of Happy Food Healthy Life - Salt Lake City, UT

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Hey There! I'm Holly Waterfall, and I'm the owner and creator behind Happy Food Healthy Life, a health, wellness, and food blog that gets women excited about whole healthy food, without any diets in sight.

After years and years of dieting, restricting food, and treating food as the enemy, I have finally come to a place in my life where I love all foods and just want to enjoy them all. I also want to share my knowledge of health and wellness with the world so more women can get out of the destructive dieting mentality.

Outside of my blog, I am a coffee-lovin', yoga-practicing, zumba-crazed, dark-chocolate-obsessed, mom and Air Force wife. I live in Salt Lake City, UT but still have my Midwestern Indiana roots ingrained in me..


My YouTube and Periscope channels have been such fun places for me to hang out and explore over the years. That's really where I let myself loose and let my personality shine. Being in front of the camera has really helped me battle my anxiety and really connect with my amazing audience.

Last year, I started a YouTube series, "Pinterest Rebel," and this is when I really started get comfortable showing my true goofy self on the internet.

Like that one time I spilled my drink everywhere...

Or when the hamburger bun fell on the floor...

I also did a few videos with my wife... Now THOSE were some fun videos!

Spending time creating masterpieces in the kitchen is my happy place. And really there's nothing better than seeing the look on your loved ones' faces when they take that first bite and you realize that you totally won the day.

Can't wait to show you what else I'm cooking up for you!

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