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Challenge: Summer Fun

You've Got Mail

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Develop Critical Thinking Skills In Children

Children need to understand how their world works. They need to be able to draw conclusions and predict outcomes based on their experiences.

When my children were young I would create activities for them that would encourage these skills. I know you and your children will love this activity. I still have vivid memories of the joy they had playing this game. You will love playing it too. I sure did.

You've Got Mail.

1. Make "mail boxes" for the back of each child's chair. Fold and tape a big piece of sturdy paper into a pouch like mail box. Be sure to leave the top open for their mail delivery. How fun, right? Tape mail boxes to back of sturdy chairs with their name on the mailbox. Instruct children to be gentle with boxes.

2. Prepare several separate envelopes with a child's name printed on each one.

3. Select children to be the letter carriers, all taking turns. Or, they can all be carriers.

4. Have the children create mail. This is were they can use their imagination. You may need to assist them on this with suggestions. They can write or color on a piece of paper. They can also cut pictures from magazines. They can pretend they are sending notes from teachers or grandparents. The choices are endless.

5. The children place the mail into the envelope and deliver it to the name on the envelope with the corresponding mailbox

6. Allow the children to get creative, dress up as mail carriers. You can also provide toy cars for them. Or, set a row of chairs that will work as their mail carrier truck. Toy keys are fun to carry.

7. Once the child delivers mail they shout out "You've got mail." I illustrated in the image what it should look like.

I know you and your children will love this game. Creating family memories and developing their little brains.

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Mama G


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