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Challenge: Summer Fun

What a Slow Summer Really Means and Why You Should Try It

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In the spirit of NOT trying to keeping up with amazing, fabulous (and unrealistic) Instagram feeds or movies like Judy Moody's Not So Bummer Summer I'm reminded that I just can't do everything. With four kids, dinner can be just as expensive as a week of camp for one kid. Not to mention driving all over this Earth to get the one child there.

My advice...SLOW DOWN. Seriously. Do you realize that at some point, your kids might not want to hang out with you. Or that they might soon prefer to hang out with friends rather than the family. My kids range in age between 10 and 2. I know it's coming. Technology is also a fierce competitor. I'm not in a rush. Slow down and take in the summer for what's it's worth: a million memories to look back on and say that summer was awesome. Not because we flew to Paris or sailed on a yacht (but yes, your summer will look awesome on Instagram!) Summer is awesome because it's a break. And everyone needs a break.

What happened up slowing down. Relaxing at home. Sipping lemonade and playing board games. I want the lazy days of summer back. We have been adopting this new motto of a 'Slow Summer'. It's not meant to be lazy. More like rejuvenating.

Here is how we slow down. Maybe you have some to add to the list!

We are waking up late. Taking naps. Head to the market to get dinner. Cooking dinner together as a family. Walk to the library. Explore our own city. Read a book. Hit the parks. Go outside and play. Play board games. Take in a sunset. Make the everyday fun. Just be. You and me...let's just be.


I want the kids to remember the summers as a time to renew their spirit. With the pressure that kids have at such an early age to be the best, participate in competitive sports, learn more, learn faster, prepare for a mandated state test. It's a harsh reality that we are raising a future generation of kids who can't relax. When was the last time they wanted to learned something new, because they wanted to?

Don't let the pictures on social media make you think less of what you are not doing. Slowing down is a way to see things more clearly, for both us and them. When you are rushing from one activity to the next, you can remember what just happened. Why not slow down? What's the rush anyway? Do you want childhood to end? I don't. And I'm going to milk this round of childhood that I have control over for every last second. This is why I love summertime. We had slow summers growing u and we turned out just fine.

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