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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

The One With All the Birthday Parties

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I know I start a lot of posts this way…but I USED to be a good mom. My boys’ birthday parties were EVENTS. I spent weeks planning them. I once threw a Harry Potter birthday in which the kids had to go around to several “classes” at Hogwarts (our house) to earn their wand at the end. These classes included making a potion, learning a magic trick, caring for magical creatures, and more. Complete with a Harry Potter cake, which I baked and decorated of course.

There was also the Army birthday party. The boys all had to go through basic training and complete an obstacle course in order to earn their dog tags and water gun for a “war”. Again, I made the cake.

There was also a Lego party, where I made my husband build a race track to race Lego cars. There were several other Lego building challenges in addition to homemade Lego and minifigure shaped candies.

And there was a Diego themed Änimal Rescue party and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse scavenger hunt… with a 6 day old baby for the Love!

Last summer we moved and didn’t have many, or any, friends yet by July birthdays. So we went places as a family and did fun activities with the boys on their birthdays. It ended up being really great.

As soon as school ended this year though, I convinced myself I would come back as Fun party, birthday cake baking mom. Number 4 has the first July birthday. He doesn’t want a party at the house, he wants to go to Skyzone. Skyzone is an indoor trampoline park, and the best place EVER for a party. They do EVERYTHING for you: pour drinks, set up, cut cake, serve pizza, and CLEAN IT ALL UP! And I BOUGHT a cake! Number 4 LOVED his party and his cake and me! And I had to do NOTHING!

Number 3’s birthday is a week after Number 4’s (Halloween parties are dangerous times in our house apparently). He wanted to go see Ant Man with his friends for his birthday. I again BOUGHT a cake…and that was all I did. They serve the kids popcorn and a soda at the movie. I did NOTHING! Number 3 had fun, saw a movie, got cake and presents, and was happy.

I do not need to throw an elaborate, Pinterest party for my kids.

Honestly, I used to loved it. I was actually pretty creative and good at it. It was a chance for me to use my brain and be creative. But apparently, the only one who really cared was ME.

My kids do not think I love them less because I don’t want to stress over the condition of my house…or try to theme out snacks…or get carpal tunnel decorating a cake. I don’t need to impress other moms by my awesome birthday parties. I want to celebrate my kids’ birthdays!

If, in the future, they decide they want a party at home and want me to make elaborate plans and bake a cake, I will do it gladly. But now, I’m okay letting someone else be the fun, amazing birthday mom. I will just have fun celebrating my boys.

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