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Slaying The Veggie Monsters

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​You know those kids who will happily eat all of their veggies and keep coming back for second helpings? Oh, that describes your children? How incredibly wonderful that must be for you. That's not exactly how we roll in my household. My daughters used to run away like hungry hyenas were chasing them the moment anything green and edible was mentioned in a conversation.

The struggle was real for me to convince my young daughters to eat their vegetables. Bribing, begging, and flat out demanding got old after a while, so I figured I'd try a new approach to make dinnertime less stressful.

Enter the sweet potato and spinach pizza. Yes, the concept is borrowed from Jessica Seinfeld and others, but it works like a charm.

Simply use a blender to combine some pizza sauce, a cooked sweet potato, and spinach. Granted, the sauce isn't the most appetizing thing in the world to look at once it's blended, but it's actually quite tasty. You'll just have to trust me on this. 

Add the ingredients and get ready to blend, baby.

If you're raising tiny humans old enough to help spread the sauce on a whole wheat pizza crust, now is the time to enlist their services to complete the task. My four-year old daughter loves this part. 

Nothing like making pizza with a four-year old

Add some cheese - I prefer provolone instead of mozzarella - and your favorite toppings.

Cheese? Yes, please.

Bake it for ten minutes at 425 degrees and voila! You'll have a superfood-infused dinner that the kids will love.

Winning at dinnertime

But wait, there's more:

1) The sauce is versatile. Add it to pasta, spread it on sandwiches, and be creative with it.

2) If you let your kids help you make it, they'll be more likely to eat it due to the sense of ownership they'll have over the meal.

3) And most importantly, the more our children are exposed to veggies (even in a sneaky way), the more likely their little palettes will adjust, which leads to eating their greens in a more traditional fashion.


So are my kids currently channeling their inner Popeye by gobbling spinach as if it were candy? Not exactly. But they aren't running away anymore either. Heck, every now and then they'll even ask for some green beans.

In my world, that's considered a dinnertime win.

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