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Challenge: Life Changes

Parenthood: A new kind of schedule.

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So here is just a glimpse of my day. EVERYDAY.

Mark wakes up to go to work at around 4:00 AM. Wakes me up while taking shower.

I try to go back to sleep for the next 45 minutes, finally fall completely asleep and I feel a little hand tapping my arm.

5:56 AM -“Mom, momma, mom!”..Riley wants a pop tart or wants me to fix her iPad.

Ella is awake at this point and crying from her room, she gets frustrated and throws her blanket over crib onto the floor. Then starts screaming like a banshee.

I get up and get her out of the crib and ATTEMPT to change her diaper, all while she kicks her legs everywhere, twists her body, grabs my arm with her legs and puts it in a leg lock haha. Still screaming like a banshee.

Riley comes in to check what the hell is going on..

Next we move to the living room and I quickly turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Instant silence. Usually it is playing in Spanish because Ella chews on the remote and changes the language settings.

Welllll now I have to get Riley ready for school/World War 3.

I finally after many tries..find something that she thinks is comfortable. most of the time it is too scratchy, too tight, too loose, too soft, she doesn’t want to wear yellow. the list goes on and on.

putting on shoes and fixing her hair is a joke.

ok now I have to get Ella dressed. Which basically means wrestling a crocodile.

OK we are dressed. In the car. loaded up.

Drop Riley off to school, but not before I hear “IM THIIIRRRSSSTTYYY & HUNGRYYYY” 45 times.

She eats breakfast at school everyday but starves nearly to death on the way there. every. day.

Get back home. Ella starts getting sleepy. ALLLLMOOOOST time for a nap! PRAAAISE.

put her down for a nap, and finally I can do anything I want. Which means do all the dishes from last night, vacuum the whole house, pick up all the toys, make the beds up and straighten everything up.

Well you guessed it..the vacuum woke Ella up.

So bring her to living room, turn on Mexican Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

She is hungry.

Ok. Rush to kitchen, get her a little pasta pick up meal and put it on her highchair tray.

She eats it and also throws half of it on floor and smears the rest on her face and clothes.

She is still hungry so I get her some chickpeas (that she loves) and take her to the living room to eat on her tray. She pours bowl all over herself and freshly vacuumed rug.

Well I gotta vacuum again, and now my house smells like hummus.

That’s all before 1:00.

But on the upside I get to see my sweet babies faces first thing in the morning and snuggle them on the couch. I get to see Riley do a fashion show before school. I get to listen to a song Riley sings on the way to school. I get to sit on the living room floor and eat chickpeas with Ella bear as she learns to walk by herself.

Motherhood is tough. it really really is. But it is so worth it. Being a stay at home mom is extremely tough. I have ALWAYS worked. I even worked full time when I first had Ella. They both went to daycare while I worked all day. That was tough, but there is difference in your mentality as a stay at home mom. And by that I mean you lose your mind on a daily basis while staying at home with your kids all day. lol.

I mean really..I could never be a fashion blogger. I would need an entire TEAM to be able to get myself decent enough everyday to support a fashion blog. They are adorable and wish I could though lol. Maybe I will bring my little cute sister on board and she can be the fashion side of My Dear Hart.

I want to be able to relate to moms, moms everywhere. Every kind of mom there is. I know that we will all relate because we are moms. we just will. It’s like once you become a mom you just “get it”. Like you weren’t friends with that girl before, but she just had a baby and now you guys are friends, because she is a mom now. Yeah but you just hated her last week, well she just went through 12 hours of labor and her baby doesn’t sleep through the night yet. WE ARE FRIENDS NOW. And it’s not like hey everybody who doesn’t have kids “you can’t sit with us!”, It is just the understanding that we as mothers and parents have. A silent everyday understanding of the struggle and the beautiful moments of motherhood.


Just some mom thoughts for a midweek pick me up.



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