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Mood Ring Parenting

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Aside from using a taser, I'm not convinced there are any surefire ways to calm a tantrum. Parenting books missed the mark for my household. I've tried everything from joining my child prostrate on the floor with limbs thrashing to wishing on a prayer and calling for Thor's hammer!

Neither worked.

One day, however, I got lucky. In the middle of my oldest daughter's tantrum and attempt to banish me to my inevitable padded room, my sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted brain cells concocted an idea!

She was around five years old at the time and obsessed with a mood ring her G-ma had given her. I sprinted in my out-of-shape way to my room, grabbed that beauty, and huffed for oxygen back to where her best performance was occurring. Showing her the ring slowed her down a bit and in that moment I slipped the ring on her finger. I may or may not have exaggerated a little when reminding her of the colors and their meanings.

C'mon! What's a mom to do when she's being forced to put on a straitjacket prematurely?!

After she saw her own mood color, I cautiously suggested that she focus on reaching the calmer and happier colors. She loved the idea and in that moment I was a bona fide GENIUS! She was so busy channeling her energy that she forgot about her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, mood. For once, mommy TKO'D the tantrum!

Who knew the cheap, little mood rings I devalued in my youth would one day save my sanity?

I cannot guarantee a win when you, too, sprint desperately, huffing and puffing to find your little moody, colorful treasure. I can assure you that the search and the hope are well worth it! Anything is better than relying on a taser and trust me, Thor's hammer ain't coming!

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