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Mommy needs a Time-Out!

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Alarms. Schedules. Empty bellies. Potty breaks. “I want that,” rants. Is it any wonder parents battle stress everyday? There is no all out cure. If there were we’d all be calm cucumbers floating through our day. Each parent has to find their peaceful moment and know when to return to it.

I have put myself on time-out more than a few times. It’s not always easy to spot when the mommy or daddy is stressed. Sometimes we are stressed at work and it comes out when washing dishes. It’s so innate to snap out a comment or a punishment when things don’t go our way. Okay, so the kid spilling the chocolate milk in your living room made you jumpy. He broke the rules. You yelled. However, sometimes even that calls for a cool down. We all make mistakes—kids know they make their share. Walking them through it is usually more effective than screaming over spilled milk. This is when Mommy needs a time-out.

Go to your room. Shut the door and just breath. Draw yourself a bath. Do some yoga poses. Call a friend. Write a letter. Sit on the patio with a journal and a bottle of water. Anything that will help you find your peace in a few minutes.

I have found that after I wake, before I do anything, writing in my Prayer/Thankful Journal puts my life into perspective and those days stream nearly smoothly. I write out all my thankful thoughts. If I want to pray for someone, or on something, I found that by writing it down it gives me peace.

Today I didn’t write in that journal. When the milk spilled, my reaction was to yell and get mad. My stress level rose and I needed a time-out. Kiddo was on it. He and his brothers were already taking care of the mess. They acknowledged the mistake. I needed to find my peace.

Stress will always be there. Every man, woman, and child will deal with it differently. Taking a few moments to identify your own triggers will help you get through your days.

Bernadette Marie, Contributor


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