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Mom Hacks for Easy Toy Organization

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I roll up my sleeves, banish my children from the toy room, and spend hours arranging and reorganizing their toys. I step back to admire my hard work, and do something crazy like turn my back for a second. In mere moments, two tiny hurricanes, also known as my children, ransack the place and their toys are again in disarray. Sometimes I look around their toy room and feel like my only option is to move and leave all the toys behind. But here’s what I was doing wrong, my toy organization was too complicated and I was doing all the work. So now I’m using some of my best parenting hacks for toy organization, and the best part, my kids are the ones cleaning up. *Falls over from shock* So if you’ve got kids and lots and lots of toys, here's my favorite Mom Hacks for Toy Organization.


Playing dress up is a daily occurrence at this house, but the cleanup was a nightmare. So we turned a small dresser into a wardrobe for all my girl’s dress up clothes. Just remove the top drawer and add a hanging rod (you can get one at the Dollar Store). So simple! We keep all of her accessories in an open storage rack next to her wardrobe for easy grabbing and clean up. Now, who needs a crown and some fancy shoes?


Skip the big bulky train table and head too Lowes or Home Depot for a Masonite board. These sturdy boards are inexpensive and can be cut to size at the store. To keep it simple, the board gives all those trains a place to chug along and when playtime is over, slide it under the couch or bed. If you want to get crafty, you can paint the board. Tiny pieces of Velcro on the tracks and board are perfect for easy, sturdy, but not permanent building, or my favorite, use black paper on the Masonite board and draw pattern for the train track building (because I can never remember how to put the tracks back together).

Got a gamer on your hands? Store Skylander or Disney Infinity figures in Christmas ornament organizers. Each character is protected in its own storage space and all of the controllers and other pieces are stored in a separate container.


Keep American Girl or Barbie clothes, furniture, and accessories together in an under-the-bed shoe organizer. The larger compartments are perfect for storing all those accessories and can be put under a bed or couch. It’s also perfect for truck and train collections. You can also use a hanging jewelry organizer for American Girl shoes and accessories.

Save yourself the pain of stepping on a rogue Lego by organizing Legos in an over-the-door shoe organizer. Sort the pieces by color so your kids can see the pieces they want and quickly put everything away when they’re done. As a bonus, three–ring binders are great to organize all of the Lego set directions and empty baby wipe containers make perfect on-the-go Lego cases

Shopkins, Shopkins, Shopkins EVERYWHERE! Never lose one again by storing them in an inexpensive bead or craft box. You can personalize the box, every character and bag has its own place, and the handle makes it easy for your Shopkin lover to take them everywhere.


My daughter LOVES stuffed animals, but I don’t love how they've taken over her room. To create a practical and creative storage solution, take the outer shell of a bean bag chair and fill it with all your child’s stuffed animal friends. The toys create a comfy chair and you can finally see the floor to their bedroom!

We love family game night, but I don’t love when we're missing pieces to the games or we forget what games we even have because they’re stored away somewhere. An easy hack for board games, card games, and puzzles is to store them all in in a hanging sweater organizer


Have toys taken over bath time? Put a shower tension rod low on the back of the bathtub wall and attach hooked baskets. The baskets keep everything up and away and let the toys drain so you don’t have to worry about mold. If your kids are older, move the rod higher and store everyone’s shower supplies in the baskets too.

Got a dumper in your house? You know, the kid that dumps all their toy bins the minute you turn your back. Simplify your storage system by putting a picture of a character or type toy that should go in each stackable storage bin. All princesses go in one drawer, trains in another, and blocks in another. Even the youngest dumper can help clean up by sorting the toys based on the pictures.

My swagger wagon isn’t the only thing parked in the garage. Using colorful duct tape, create a mini parking garage for all those bikes, scooters, and things-that-go to keep some order in your garage

For all those tiny cars and Magic Clip Princess that seem to multiply in your house, try a small rolling suitcase for storage. Your kids can move it throughout your house and cleanup is super easy.


My love for hanging shoe organizers is real because they are so inexpensive and they can be used so many ways and can be cut to size if you just need a few rows:

  • Barbies
  • Trucks, trains or action figures
  • Art supplies
  • toys in the car
  • Legos
  • Stuffed animals

The list goes on and on. They are essential to a life hack lovers success!

And as my mom likes to remind me, someday soon the kids will grow up and and leave and there won't be any toys in your house. Then I cry and tell her that's an awful thing to say to me. So messy house with lots of toys, it's not so bad, right?

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