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Letting Go and Relaxing

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If I don't write something down, I will forget it. I blame this on parenthood and the kids. And I'm usually rushing and running late so this doesn't help things either. Of all things, I always seem to forget Madeline's shoes. It's so bad that I leave an extra pair of shoes in my car just in case.

Today, we went on a short exploring trip to. . the park with Madeline in her stroller. It was awesome. Only thing. I forgot her shoes. So, when we got to the playground, I was tempted to just keep running in hopes that she wouldn't see all the other kids laughing and playing and . . the. . swings. Forget it. As soon as we turned that corner and she saw the playground, she said "Out!" She wanted out of her stroller.

We go and I'm thinking. . ok I will just hold her and push her on the swing since she's not wearing any shoes and God knows how dirty that play structure is. So, after about 2 or 3 minutes of swinging, she's done. Ready for the next thing. We go to the play structure and I reluctantly let her run around on it barefoot. Trying to wipe her feet every once in a while. . . There is also a little water fountain area at this park. I never really noticed it until the summer when we finally saw people using it and kids running around in the spraying water.

Today, this grandpa turned it on to wash his hands and the kids went crazy. They all wanted to go into the water. So, I think, OK, here's my chance to get her off of this play structure and safely back into her stroller, bare feet and all. I'm thinking, we can go look at the water and then leave. I'm an idiot. Remember, I'm still learning.

Of course she wants to run wild into the water and play and get wet. So again, I'm thinking. She doesn't have any shoes on. She can't go in there. Who knows how dirty that pavement is, what if she cuts her foot, where is that water coming from anyway? These are the crazy thoughts going through my head. . . Slowly, one by one, the other moms let their kids run into the water, some with their clothes on, some going in topless and running around in their diapers. It was like that scene from Marley and Me when Owen Wilson lets Marley, the dog, off the leash and lets him run into the water at the beach. It was awesome. All 5 or 6 kids were running around, getting soaked, splashing the water, smiling, laughing and having fun. They were being kids. They didn't have a care in the world and were just enjoying themselves.

I need to take notes from my kid. I plan to relax a little bit more and just enjoy my time with her. I mean, it all goes by so fast right? We won't have days like this for long and before I know it, she'll be older, more independent, talking back and giving me attitude. Ah, the drama with girls.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

We had a great time. A great walk back home too. I picked up some beautiful leaves that had just fallen from a tree. Madeline was gobbling down her goldfish crackers and fell asleep in the stroller. It was a great afternoon.

And how did everything end back at the water play area? Did any of the kids take a pee or go poo poo in the water imitating Marley from that scene in the movie? Who knows. They all had diapers on.

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