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How to Study in the University and Take Care of Children

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Of course, everything is very individual. Some women are sure that studies and motherhood are incompatible. Others do not consider it a problem. However, there are a lot of difficulties, and a young mother needs to think it over. If a woman decides to get a higher education in spite of everything, she often thinks that she will have to determine for herself what is more important at the moment and to allocate more time to one business than another. But this is not quite the right approach because the less time will be given to a child or learning, the more problems will appear in this matter. How can she combine the education and upbringing of the child?

Do Not Sacrifice Your Studies

If you become a mother, a study, as well as the child, is very important to you, so try to combine it in the most suitable and simple way for you. The first option is to transfer to a distance learning form. So you will have more time to raise a baby, but at the same time, you can finish the university. Another option, but not so successful is academic leave, but this is a rather long period, during which you can forget everything, your classmates will outstrip you, and you will have to establish contact with new people.

If you gave birth one year before graduation, it is not logical to switch to distance education or take an academic vacation. It is worth thinking about a more rational solution to this problem.

Ask for Help

Ask for help from the parents because now they have become a grandparent and most likely will be happy to spend time with the baby. Put a couple of your duties on your husband; let him take part in the child's upbringing. Perhaps he can take a freer schedule at work and then you will have a couple of days to attend classes. Do not forget that friends can also become good assistants in this matter, perhaps you have a girlfriend with a child for whom it will not be difficult sometimes to stay with your child.

Very often in the university you can meet moms with a baby. After all, teachers are also people and understand your situation, especially women. The main thing is to be able to agree; perhaps you do not have to sit all day in class, but simply get an individual assignment that is easy to do at home, combining with family concerns. But sometimes there are principled teachers who do not care if you have a child, you feel bad, and in this case, he will demand knowledge from you. Then you should find time and learn, but remember that you can always ask for help your classmates.

Why Should You Combine It?

If it is a question of professional education, especially the first one, it must be tried to be completed at all costs. Imagine yourself in a few years: a woman with a child in her arms, without a specialty, without work experience. Perhaps today it seems that the only meaning of your existence is a baby and that your husband will take care of you. And if something happens to him? And if he just leaves you? Yes, it happens and no one is immune from this, so you need to provide insurance for yourself and your child independently. And quality education is already a solid pillar in life.

By the beginning of your career, managing with the baby will be easier. Moreover, many working women have no time to have children, because at least a few months, or even years, will be deleted from their professional activities! And for you, the most difficult stage will be far behind.

What does the kid feel when his mother is busy studying? If you managed to provide him with a full-fledged care with the help of a loving relative, a kind and competent nurse or a good nursery school, and you are taking care of him at any time, he does not seem to suffer. Therefore, you need not be tormented by feelings of guilt towards the baby. An educated mother will be interesting as a person to her grown-up child and will be able to give him much.


Many women already at an initial stage of pregnancy think of leaving university, after all they start to feel discomfort and weariness, and constant toxicoses do not add good state of health. But there is such an opinion among psychologists that a child from a student will be born intelligent. After all, in the womb, he already hears everything and even tries to understand something, because it's not for nothing that pregnant women are advised to read books in voice and listen to the music.

Studies and family are quite compatible; the main thing is to realize that education is a good contribution to your future. And do not be afraid that so many problems are falling on you, probably this period will be very difficult for you, but then you can completely devote yourself to a career. Or to the second child.

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