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Holiday Gift Guide: Pandemic Edition

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Christmas anxiety is real. Every year beginning pre-Thanksgiving, I feel. It goes away only after all the Christmas debt has been paid, which is often not before early March. In addition to finances, there are other stressors, too: The happiness of my children, fairness among their gifts, scheduling our quality Holiday time between my house and my ex-husband’s house. Over the past few years I’ve attempted to relax into the holiday, to spend less money and to say no to the anxiety.

Now this year brings a new stressor. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has changed every damn thing about living, and this holiday season will be no exception. In my continued effort to relax into the holiday, I am adjusting my gift-giving to support living well within the pandemic. So here are some of the best Holiday gifts for everyone on your list- pandemic edition:


*prices listed are current as of publication. May vary due to sales and demand.

For Him (or You):

Modernist + Gravity Weighted Robe: $130

We’re all spending more time at home these days, which means more post-shower relaxation (yay)! With a 3-pound removable weighted collar designed to target muscle relief for the neck and back this is the perfect gift for your favorite, hard-working man. Once he slides into this slice of comfort, he may never emerge from the bathroom, but hey, thanks to pandemic-life, you guys are spending too much time together anyways right? If you feel like splurging on yourself this holiday season, go ahead and buy two. You wont regret it!

For Your Teen:

Nomad Base Station Pro- $156

Nothing says pandemic like 3 kids fighting over cell phone chargers, am I right? It seems that no matter how many chargers I buy, we are always short 2 and the battles that ensue are maddening. So, yes, in an effort to help all of our electronics stay fully-juiced, we will be getting one (maybe more) of these this Christmas. It’s a wireless charger that is sturdy, attractive and most importantly—impossible to lose. It can charge 2 phones and a set of wireless headphones at the same time and you can purchase an option watch mount to boot!

For Your Loved Ones Near and Far:

Rimini Chocolates-$32


I am a chocolate lover through and through and even I had no idea that chocolate could bring as much happiness as these Rimini chocolates do. They are the most decadent, beautiful and delicious chocolates you will ever experience. Their website describes them as “chocolate delights, handmade with the finest, freshest natural ingredients and finished with painstaking details—each a work of art” and I assure you that is an understatement. This is the perfect gift for those loved ones who are safely quarantining; it is a lot easier (and tastier) than sending a bulky gift in the mail. I promise you, after their first Rimini delivery, chocolate will never be the same.

For the Younger Kids:

MoonPals- $95


I have really fallen in love with this product for so many reasons. As a mom whose child has experienced anxiety during the pandemic, I’ve been on the search for anything that will bring comfort and serenity to our routine, especially at bedtime. These MoonPals use safe, weighted therapy to help kids stay calm. There are 5 different pals, weighing in at 5lbs. each, ready to snuggle and cuddle your child to optimize sleep and alleviate stress and anxiety. The oversized, floppy ears offer a great, multi-sensory experience for even the most fidgety kids.

For the Expecting Mom (and family):

Beebo Smart Scale by FitTrack-$95

This is really a great gift for the entire family- especially if you want to steer clear of the quarantine 15! It’s a truly smart scale that pairs with an app on your smartphone and will show you so much more than just your weight as it offers an inside look into your entire body composition. The scale displays things like muscle and bone mass, water weight and BMI while tracking your changes over time. It will truly change your relationship with the scale for the better. This particular scale, however, has a pregnancy mode which helps moms to be track the growth of their baby and their own health and progress through each trimester. This scale has the capacity to store profiles for up to 8 family members so you can all focus on health and fitness goals together.

For Your Favorite Couple:

Brooklinen Weighted Comforter-$249

After a long day of pandemic parenting, what could be better than climbing into a warm, comforting bed in a quiet and peaceful bedroom? Covering yourself in Brooklinen’s Weighted Comforter, that is what. This comforter comes in various sizes and will easily keep 2 comfortably covered throughout the night. The weight of the comforter is, and stays, evenly distributed and really does add a new level of relaxation to bedtime. Once you sleep with a weighted comforter, there really is no going back. Expensive? Yes. But so worth every penny. And really- who doesn’t deserve to get the best sleep possible every night?

The Must-Have Gift of The Season:

Oculus Quest 2/Fit XR- $299


I am not a gamer and aside from a little Among Us and Roblox every now and then, neither are my kids. This all-in-one virtual reality headset, however, is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to our family. Okay, that may be slightly overkill, but let me explain. They say 3 is a crowd and my 3 children prove that statement to be accurate over and over again. At any given moment, one child is left out, or 2 are fighting with the third, and I am constantly playing referee. Enter The Oculus Quest 2: one child was completely entertained by a world of Virtual Reality and graphics so real you truly forget where you are, and tada!- no one is left out and the fighting has ceased.

The graphics are so realistic and amazing that at one point while setting up the Netflix feature on the headset for my son, I dropped the controller on the virtual coffee table because I was so certain it was real! This is truly an amazing experience that offers the added bonus of keeping the kids on their feet and moving around. By far, our favorite activity on the headset is the virtual fitness studio, FitXR. We have spent hours in virtual boxing and dancing classes. According to the headset, we easily burned 100 calories in one 12-minute session!

If you are going to be cooped-up inside with the kids all winter long, with sports and all other activities cancelled- this is a MUST have. And it’s great for all ages- My 74-year-old father even got a kick out of riding a roller coaster in the Caribbean and I myself am sneaking in boxing sessions long after the kids have fallen asleep. I cannot remember the last time we had this much fun indoors as a family. It’s a totally welcomed mind-trip that will have you (temporarily) forgetting all of your problems- including the pandemic.

And there you have it— my favorite gifts for a pandemic holiday! Now let’s hope this is a one-time only list!

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