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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Why I gave up setting 35 Resolutions for This Approach

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What is it about this time of year that makes us Mom’s giddy with excitement? We yearn for an opportunity to start over.

A new year to finally wake up 2 hours early, exercise each day, cook dinner 7 nights a week, run a half marathon, keep a spotless house, make sure we all eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, schedule monthly date nights, send birthday cards out on time, surprise one stranger a week with a “random act of kindness” gift, organize every closet in the house (and keep it that way), journal, read 1 book a week, stay up 2 hours later each night, and perfect that fresh bread recipe.

The best planners, colored paper, sticky notes, online apps, and dry erase boards can’t ever seem to keep up with my hopes and desires each year.

Without fail, these desires quickly turn to overwhelm as I strive for super-hero like powers.

But this year, everything changes!

"Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life." ~Robin Sharma

As my boys turn 8 and 10 and become involved with sports and setting personal goals, I find myself at a cross roads with New Years resolutions. They can watch me set a gazillion resolutions that quickly fade due to sheer overwhelm, or we can use this as an opportunity to live like a team.

This year, it’s not about Mom setting the tone for the family. It’s about each person declaring one thing that we really want to work on in 2016, and then the rest of us committing to help each other's efforts.

No rules! No caveats! No BS Flags can be thrown!

It’s their goal...that’s important to them...and we will work together to support and make it happen.

Our biggest hurdle as parents is often trying to do it all, which in the end teaches our kids nothing (except to sit back and let mom take care of it).

So instead of my kids watching me set my 35 Resolutions to conquer the world, and then quickly fizzling out come mid-February, we’re going to narrow it down to just 4 family goals and kick ass!

Here's our video capturing our new resolutions. Enjoy :)

(Video Time Stamp)

0:52- Too hard for our 8 year old to do chores around the house to help pay for his resolution. (Oh jeez!).

2:05- sounds of silence when I announce my goal.

2:58- our oldest declaring his resolution, but only if we rig it so that he can win (ugh!).

4:44- We did it! Bring on 2016.

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