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Boiling a Sweet Potato at Home - What To Inspect

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On my top 10 lists of hardest things to cook that would not appear to be the case would be a Sweet Potato. You go to Outback Steakhouse and delve into the most delicious sweet potato where the skin just falls off of the edible inside.

I go home and used to poke holes with a fork in the sweet potato and then throw it in the microwave all wrapped up for 20 minutes. The result? Not an edible potato instead it came out to be hard on the edges.

So recently I was taught the best way to cook a sweet potato at home with sweet success is via Boiling. Boil the water and then throw them in for 40 minutes. When it has that "outback" softness to it you are good to go and it is time to dive into that sweet succulent meal.

I am learning more and more about being healthy everyday. Helping a friend build a website for home inspectors I am finding that even if you do everything right if you do not properly inspect your living quarters then you run the risk of contaminating yourself with deadly radon poison and undrinkable water.

Did you know that the sweet potato is the healthiest vegetable you can eat? Best of all it is delicious and twice as good for you as a regular potato is.

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