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Challenge: Reading Together

A children's book that showcases the power of fatherhood

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Do you know the saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words? Well, a new children's book called "I WONDER" will deliver over 30,000 epic words on modern fatherhood.

Don't worry, ain't nobody got time to read 30,000 actual words to tiny humans before bedtime — but as parents, we certainly have time to show them how powerful, cool, loving, and amazing today's dads are in photo form.

"I WONDER" does that very well.

I know this to be true because I wrote it. Sure, I'm obviously biased, but don't take my word for it.

I WONDER on Amazon

Check out what the School Library Journal (the largest reviewer of children's books in the world) had to say about it:

The combination of simple yet purposeful text, coupled with photos of “dads being dads,” conveys an image of fathers as partners, companions, motivators, and supporters. VERDICT: A tribute to and a celebration of “Daddies Doin’ Work” all over the globe who might wonder about their roles and images as parents.

In a world where dads are still seen as uninterested parenting partners or clueless buffoons, "I WONDER" is meant to honor the great men who realize that being a dad is the most important, valuable, and rewarding gig they will ever have.

Additionally, there's power in reading this book to our little ones so they can actually see a diverse group of dads perform their daddyhood tasks in their own special way. It shows them that being an involved dad is the norm, not the exception. It will serve as a great reminder for our sons about what it means to be a good dad. It will also plant the seed for their future partners to not to accept anything less than a man who puts his family first.

It could be your husband, boyfriend, brother, son, grandfather, neighbor, co-worker, etc. — if you know of a man who puts his heart and soul into being the best dad he can be for his kids, I highly recommend picking up "I WONDER" for him. He will love reading it to his kids.

And moms — guess what? You'll love reading it to your kids, too.

The release date is May 3rd, but you can preorder it on Amazon right now (it's currently on sale for only $11). If you want me to sign your copy, I'll happily do that, too. After you preorder your copy, just go here and I'll take care of it for you.

And finally, dads may not do things "mom's way" or even the right way, but we do them our way — and our kids greatly benefit from our involvement. "I WONDER" celebrates those men in a fun, heartwarming, and unique way.

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