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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

7 Tips (From a Stay at Home Mom) for Getting to Know Your Kids during the Pandemic

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Happy holidays Folks! City girl Kimberly Jesika reporting in live with my partner in crime, Hannah Smith, and we are sharing today seven inspirational tips for parents in getting to know their children.

As parents we send our kids off to school, and we just basically do feedback based on what the teacher says. It’s feedback but let’s look at really getting to know our kids now that they’re home with us during this Covid time. It’s an entirely different ball game.

So, what was most valuable this year? Getting to know more about our children.

The hustle and bustle of everyday work and going to a physical school building often left little meaningful time for bonding and reflecting. This year provided much room to do both. The following tips offer practical ways that any parent can use in helping to know their kids a little better:

1) Set aside time every day to talk. Talk about school. About their interests. About what’s bothering them. About anything.

2) Make time for play. Actively playing with your kids.

3) Free time - create time in the daily schedule for everyone to have a breather from each other. It can get crammed and overstimulated with being with each other all the time. Time away gives space to recharge and pursue independent interests or quiet.

4) Movie time together or family game night.

5) Cook together.

6) Have family exercise/fitness time.

7) Praise time - go around and have everyone think and voice what they love about each of their family members. A variation of this could be a healthy vent session where we name one thing we need from each other to feel more loved or supported or valued or respected etc.


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