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Challenge: Hair Dos and Don’ts

5 Steps to the Perfect Toddler Pigtails

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It has likely been awhile since you wore your hair in pigtails, so when trying to put your daughter’s hair into pigtails you may need a refresher course. Here are my 5 no-fail, easy steps to creating this adorable toddler style:

  • 1.As with any procedure, the first step is to gather all the supplies you will need so that they are at arm’s reach. You will need tiny elastic bands and a comb. Depending on the humidity and texture of your toddler’s hair, you may also want a spritzer bottle of water. Oh and you’ll need your toddler!
  • 2.Now pry the tiny elastic bands from your toddler’s curiously strong grip before she uses them as slingshots that either hit you in the eye or fly into that crevice between the crib and wall that is impossible to reach.
  • 3.Part her hair down the middle and pull one half into a small bunch just behind her ear. Then twist the tiny elastic around about ten times or until it is tight enough to resist the yanking of a child. If you can’t get the hair smooth enough, this is the time to use your comb and spritzer of water.
  • 4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side, making the two pigtails symmetric on her head.
  • 5.Take as many photos as possible to document that you successfully achieved pigtails before they are ripped out, covered in yogurt, or lopsided. These photos will serve to show others that no matter how the day turns out, it started under the guise of control and order.

Ta-da! You have mastered pigtails and are almost ready for French braids.

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