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3 Things I’m Dreading About My Daughter Starting Preschool (But They’re Not What You Think They Are)

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Let’s just get it out of the way. Of course I’m sad to see my sweet three year old Harper head off to preschool even if it’s just for a few hours twice a week! Working from home has allowed me to enjoy carefree days with Harper and her almost two year old sister Everly. So while I’m excited for this next phase, I’m also nostalgic about leaving our current routine behind. Part of that routine includes a really carefree environment where it’s just us, so we’re pretty casual as you can imagine. This fact has me EXTRA nervous and just wondering exactly what will come up in her school!


What’s Yours Is Mine:

Something I never even thought to work on with Harper is the concept of what’s hers and what isn’t. It’s not unusual for her to casually grab a bite of food from our plates or sip water from my cup throughout the day. I never thought anything about it until we were at a friend’s house a few months ago and I could hear panicked shouts from the kid’s table where Harper was apparently helping herself buffet style to every kid’s plate within reach – AHH! I knew by her expression that she didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong and so we began conversations about what belonged to her. I just hope that info sticks with her at school when the snacks come out or we may end up with a few hungry kids!


(Bad) Jokes:

Because we like to keep things light around here, we try diffusing craziness with some humor so when she’s acting crazy I’ll say “I’m going to shave your head and give you a haircut like daddy’s!” Most of the time it makes her laugh and we go about our day, but last week I started worrying that she’ll tell her teacher that I ACTUALLY say I’ll shave her head. Does this mean I have to speak only literally around the house and cut the jokes, even when she’s having one of those “bad” hair days and I want to turn it around? I’m now also wondering what else we say that will be repeated and totally taken out of context. Crossing my fingers on this one!


They'll Take Her Goofiness Away:

We’ve created a really fun and engaging home environment. Mike and I have both worked from home for 12 years now so we have a comfort and levity to our relationship given the fact that we're always around each other. Our girls echo that and are lighthearted, funny, and natural entertainers. Everly spins in circles when she's excited while Harper makes EPIC crazy faces, and they both love accessorizing the dogs using scarves, necklaces, and hats. I don't want serious children or a serious home. I like their personalities the way they are, so knowing that I’m sending Harper to an environment that is designed to change her really freaks me out! I hope she learns a ton and absorbs the social stuff that I can’t teach here while still keeping her free spirited nature in tact.


I can guarantee on that first day that there will be tears, nervousness, and maybe even a TOTAL meltdown. But not from Harper. She’ll be just fine.

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