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Challenge: Finding Your Village

You've got to find someone you can tell your cold hard truth

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You've got to find someone you can tell the cold hard truth.

Your cold hard truth.

Like the fact that you loathe doing the f-ing dishes and that you'd rather take a pie to the face than fold another piece of gosh darn laundry.

That you might lose your ever-loving mind if another person beckons for Mommy or leaves their dirty socks and shoes in the middle of the floor.

That you can't escape the everpresent feeling that you must be getting sh*t because if you're not, then your surely missing the good mothering mark.

That being a strong, independent, feminist woman is hard on the days when you just want to be taken care of and be given an hour-long hug.

Like how you are tired of being draped upon by tiny humans, but that second they give you some space, you feel the urge to invite them back into it.

Like how you yell all the freakin' time, and can't stand yourself for it.

That you want friends, but don't have the time or mental energy to be a very good one.

That you're an introvert, masked as an extrovert.

That you’re anxious AF.

Like how you are working so hard to "be healthy," but that focusing (more like obsessing) over being healthy doesn't feel all that healthy.

That somedays you know you're a bada**, but that other days you're just kind of a pain in one.


You've got to find someone you can tell the cold hard truth.

Your cold hard truth.

And that woman has got to be someone who won't run for the hills when they hear it all.

Or, better yet, will grab you first and force you to go with her.

(But also understand when you say “I can’t.”)

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