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YouTube and Kids: How Your Child Can Benefit from the Digital World

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A lot of parents are reluctant to let their kids on YouTube. The world's biggest video streaming service is filled with a lot of different material, from religious videos to funny and crude videos and even kid-friendly material.

Lack of control has caused many parents to block their kids from using or viewing YouTube.

But there has been a change made to YouTube that allow parents to block content on the YouTube Kids app.

Kids can benefit from YouTube if parents steer their kids in the right direction.

Learn a Different Language

Kids have a tendency to learn languages faster than adults. But if you live in a monolingual household, it can be difficult for mom or dad to teach their children a language they don't know. YouTube connects you and your child to an entirely new world where you can learn a second or third language from a native speaker.

There are a lot of channels available, and these include many that aren't necessarily for children specifically.

A few of the top channels to learn a language are:

Make sure you dig around for the right channel. There are many small channels that have tens or hundreds of videos available for language learners.

This is a way for your child to expand their language speaking abilities and even career options in the future.

It's also neat to learn about other cultures.

Start a YouTube Channel

There's always going to be a debate about whether or not your child should start a YouTube channel. A lot of children will be thrust into making videos by their parents, and you need to be diligent if your child makes videos.

A few things to consider are:

  • Mean comments
  • Inappropriate messages
  • Kids saying too much on camera

Parents that allow their younger kids to make their own channel need to be in charge of the channel to eliminate the threats above. But there's a lot to learn from YouTube:

  • Speaking skills
  • Confidence
  • How to teach others
  • Entrepreneurial skills

Parents can even use a service, like, to help boost their kid's channel and get them noticed. Stars are doing this to show up under relevant videos, and it helps your kid stay on track with their channel and see progress faster.

Pure Entertainment at Their Fingertips

Maybe you're a cord-cutter or realize that YouTube is the new form of entertainment for kids. In either case, you can use YouTube for just entertainment purposes. Yes, you can block certain channels and videos that are inappropriate.

But you can also help your kids, especially toddlers, stay entertained with high quality channels.

A few of the best channels geared towards kids are:

Kids can also watch other kids to get ideas of what they can do for their channel:

You'll also find an array of educational channels, such as Crash Course Kids, which has a lot of fun subjects for kids to learn.

If you're involved in your kid's YouTube watching, you'll be able to help them have fun, stay safe and maybe even start their own channel.

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