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You're Not Seeing the Whole Story

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You see a snapshot.

A cute photo of a happy couple.

But you don’t see the work it took to get to that spot.

The hard conversations. The learning curves. The humility that had to take the place of pride. The forgiveness that had to be sought. The hard work. The grit. The failures. The prayer. The sacrifices.

You see a happy marriage, but you don’t see all that it took to earn that marriage.

It wasn’t always like this. And it’ll never be perfect.

But if you find yourself comparing yourself to that person in a snapshot, remember that you’re not seeing the whole story.

You’re comparing your behind the scenes to their snapshot, and that will never leave you feeling content with your own life.

It’ll rob your joy, and for a comparison that’s not even accurate.

Don’t do that to yourself, friend. It’s not worth it.


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