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Challenge: WHO Are You?

You’re Not Alone

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Today, I dropped those mofos off at school and went by Mickey D’s and got a large coffee with three creams and seven sugars. You’re not alone.

Today, I worried that I had raised an asshole when my oldest son told his younger brother that his outfit looked terrible, like someone who made hamburgers at Mickey D’s. You’re not alone.

Today, a sibling’s impulsive put down planted a seed for a mother’s breakfast. You’re not alone.

Today, I spent two hours organizing my calendar for the Spring and pleaded with baby sitters to be surrogate mothers. You’re not alone.

Today, I wondered why in the Hell I had committed to so much mess, when I am admittedly a certified sloth. You’re not alone.

Today, I stayed in my transitional clothes (a step up from pajamas so that I can deposit Amos in his classroom) and I did not leave my chair except to pee. You’re not alone.

Today, I silenced the thoughts that told me to take a shower, clean up the kitchen, do the laundry, put away all those clothes and I watched Dateline. You’re not alone.

Today, I told a friend that her child had hurt my child’s feelings and I admitted that my child may very well be the guilty party and asked her, why is it so flipping hard to share such a thing with those you love? You’re not alone.

Today, I worried I was going to miss the bus, so I drove the one block, hauled ass out of the car in those same fleece pants, no bra and my sons athletic flip flops and asked the bus driver not to judge me. You’re not alone.

Today, I picked up art carpool and when I dropped off my first parcel of kids, their Mom came out and started laughing uncontrollably at my ridiculous get up. You’re not alone.

Today, I put my youngest to bed, smushed myself into real pants to walk downtown and meet a friend for a therapy session over a glass of wine (okay, two), a grouper sandwich, and a lot of laughs and near tears over the sharing of truths. You’re not alone.

Did I tell you that you’re not alone?


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