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Your wife may need a little space. Here's why...

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755b893bf33b4b2d5b59bf0636bdb4924c404d26.jpgYour wife needs a little space.

Not from you.

Not from the relationship.

Not from conversation.

Not from affection.

And, not from romance.

But, she still needs you to give her some room.

She needs you to afford her the clearance to screw up

-- early, often and ongoing --

as your spouse,

as your children's mother,

as a million and one things to multitudes of people,

and as a person.

Everyone makes mistakes.

That's a given.

But, not everyone lives under the hypercritical, faultfinding microscope of the general public quite like mothers do.

And, on a far too regular basis, mothers get burned.

If not by those giving us unwanted negative attention, then by our own conditioned, self-deprecating, anxious minds.

So, husbands, make and hold space for your wives.

Space in your heart, of course.

Space in your schedule, a must.

But, perhaps, most importantly, allow her enough room to comfortably screw up.

Be present with her, sans judgment, day in and day out.


Well, because her mistakes are fully capable of (and will) turn her into someone better than who she was last year, last week, yesterday, an hour prior, and five minutes ago.

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