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Challenge: Romance After Kids

Your Romance Doesn't Have to Look Like Anyone Else's

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Life with children is busy, full, exhausting, chaotic. And that's exactly what we knew our life would become when we prayed so hard for each of our babies.

But, somewhere in the middle of the noise and the busyness, there's still us. The two people who fell in love and filled their house with beautiful, loud chaos. And those two need as much attention as the little, loud crazies running through the kitchen with light sabers and monster trucks.

We still need to feel that connection, that romance that pulled us together all those years ago. And that looks different for everyone. OUR romance is ours. We keep it "alive" in our own way, doing things that we know would make the other smile (or even blush). Sometimes it's looks across the table and lipstick notes left on the bathroom mirror, sometimes it's getaways and romantic dinners.

Our last anniversary was one of those times we knew we needed a getaway, But our schedules (and our wallets) wouldn't allow for more than a quick weekend. So, I planned it and told him to take the weekend off from work.

He had no idea where we were going. I suggested a few things to pack, but tried to keep it vague so he wouldn't figure out where I was taking him.

I have to say, the surprise element was a fun factor leading up to the weekend. He kept asking for hints, so I gave him a few to mull over.

  1. It had something to do with "us."
  2. It was within driving distance.
  3. We'd never been there before.

I think #3 threw him off because he assumed we were going to the beach where he'd proposed to me. Nope!

Our first kiss happened in New Orleans and we've returned for several Sugar Bowls and one amazing Mardi Gras, and our wedding reception had a Mardi Gras theme as well. So, if we couldn't get all the way to Bourbon Street this year, I thought Port Orleans Resort at Disney would be the perfect romantic getaway to celebrate us.

And it was. The property was gorgeous, the staff was awesome, and the food was amazing! (And we even found a perfect spot to watch the Gator basketball game!)

I wondered if it would be crowded and loud, being a family-friendly resort, but there were so many sweet, quiet spots that it did truly feel like a "getaway" from our crazy, busy life.

After an incredible dinner and a hilarious piano/comedy show, we sat by a quiet fountain in the courtyard for some down time and sweet conversation ... two things we don't get a lot of in our house! :)

The next day was filled with a huge Nawlins breakfast, a walk down the trail along the river, some time in the sunshine at the pool, a beignet sundae for two (and a large takeaway container of beignets for our boys), and then a sweet farewell to the newest addition on our list of "us" spots.

We needed that weekend. We needed a little refresher, a reminder, of how OUR romance feeds US.

Everyone needs their own kind of romance here and there, something just between the two of you that reminds you both of your sweet connection.

I'm so so glad we took the time, even if it was short and sweet, to celebrate our anniversary, our love, our friendship, our life together.

It's funny how stepping away from everything can make you realize how much you have, and how your perfect romance is just that -- yours.

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