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Your kids are worth canceling for

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Your kids are worth canceling for.

Maybe you already know that.

Or, perhaps, you are like me and sometimes need to be reminded of that fact.

That you're pressing engagements can wait.

That your not-so-pressing engagements can also wait.

But, that those kids of yours, they shouldn't have to -- at least not always, like not today.

I was supposed to be somewhere today at 8:45am -- somewhere for me.

I was supposed to be at the gym getting an hour's workout in.

But, I canceled and will be eating the 'late fee' because, well, today I felt there was somewhere more important to be -- home, with my monkeys.

We are making biscuits, finding treasure in the yard, and working on a science project.

Could we have done all of that after I got back?

Of course, but today, I didn't want to make them wait, I didn't want to leave them, and I honored my heart and theirs this morning.

Like I said, maybe you were already aware of this, and perhaps you don't need to hear this, but in case you are like me and routinely operate according to plan and schedule and rarely deviate from it, know this:

your kids are worth canceling for -- today, tomorrow, and every day.

The gym can wait.

The laundry can wait.

Your friends can wait.

And, when feasible, even your work can wait.

Sure, those children of yours can wait, too, but they shouldn't have to, at least not all of the time.

And, while it's true that sometimes you, your needs and self-care is worth tending to, so are the precious offspring you birthed, so don't forget that.

And, honestly, this spontaneous, slow-paced morning with them has served me better than an hour at the gym ever could.

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