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Challenge: Life Changes

How your child can be a superhero during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Young children have no idea what to make of the world that we are living in right now. What parent can blame them? The COVID-19 pandemic swept through the United States in an unabashed frenzy. We didn't have the chance to put our own thoughts together.

New York City looked unconditionally different from how it currently exists. People walked around Central Park without an untroubled care in the world. An enjoyable trip to the Museum of Natural History seemed to be a perfectly prudent idea. The madcap thought of wearing a protective face mask seemed to be preposterous among adults.

How expeditiously our collective consciousness shifted in just a matter of weeks.

Every day, parents are relentlessly faced with more uncomfortable questions from their kids.

When can I go to school again? Are my friends doing okay? Do we all have to wear those weird looking masks?

Each of those questions are wholly valid. You shouldn't be apprehensive to answer your child with the truthfulness straight from your heart. There is no humiliation in speaking honestly.

I don't know when you can go to school again. Would you like to go back? Tell me more about your favorite subject. Would you like to give your friends a call? I'm sure they would like to see how you are doing, too. We should all wear those masks. When we put them on, we are superheroes.


Bluntly, wearing a mask while out in a public area helps save lives. Not wearing one puts you and your child at risk for catching COVID-19. In a quintessential scenario, we would all be able to nonchalantly roam the city streets without a tinge of stress. Unfortunately, without an approved vaccine, that cannot be the case.

Adolescents seek fresh air. They desire to play outside of their mundane homes. Much like the adults who raise them, they want to feel throughly jubilant with their daily routines. Nobody chooses to relish in the unknown.

It's essential to make tenacious and tough decisions for the ones that you adore the most. While we don't want to live in fear, we cannot refute reality, either. This is the exact moment in time where mom, dad, and child can unite, all while wearing masks. As a family unit, we can instantaneously become the superheroes we earnestly worship and idolize on the big screens.

Why just watch The Incredibles when we can actually be them? With your help, love, and understanding, your children can be the superheroes we urgently need for a better, and healthier tomorrow.

Eat your hearts out Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.

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