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You Might be a Mom from Michigan If...

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Don't get me wrong, I love the Great Lakes State! Many tourists flock here, in all seasons, to experience the one-of-a-kind beauty of Pure Michigan.

But after 18-ish snow days this winter (I've lost count), Michigan moms are more than a little stir crazy, as their little darlings exude enormous amounts of energy, while cooped up at home.


Here are 20 reasons why you might be a mom from Michigan:

-You’ve survived 101 snow days since January, and lived to tell about it.

-You make ice cream in the winter, out of snow. -Christine M.

-You get a cardio workout by helping your kids get dressed to go play outside, in the winter.

-You point to your hand to show people where you are from.

-You say pop instead of soda. And there’s the chance, if you ask for soda, someone will bring you baking soda.

-You make your kids drink Vernors when they are sick.

-You experience temperatures that are colder than Alaska and warmer than Phoenix in the same week. -Adam R.

-You never actually put away “seasonal” clothes because…Michigan. -Dana H.

-You try to decide if Memorial Day weekend will be warm enough for a cookout. Who knows? -Lee N.

-You’ve been known to press your face against the window, when the sun comes out in the winter, to get some vitamin D...or you lay on the floor, like a cat in the sun, soaking up the rays.

-Your kids play outside without their coats when it’s 32 degrees, with snow still on the ground, and declare that spring is here. -Chris D.

-When you say you are going to the beach, you are usually not referring to the ocean.

-You take your kids to the lakeshore to play on the frozen waves in the winter. -Christine M.


-You grab the pack of wipes, that you keep in your vehicle's glove compartment, so that you can clean food and snot off of your kiddo's face, only to discover that said wipes are frozen solid, so you toss them up in the front window and crank up the heat to defrost them. -Shannon H.

-You try to cram every fun thing you can think of into the summer months, because it is finally warm enough to be outside.

-If someone says green or blue, you know they aren’t talking about colors. This could impact your decision to let them date your daughter (or not!). -Lee N.

-You have made your share of casseroles for dinner—hello, cream of mushroom soup!

-You have a decal of the mitten on your van window. -Taylor Y.

-Your kids have eaten Superman flavored ice cream before.

-Meijer was one of the first words your child learned to say and spell.

-You love living in Michigan (except in February, when you wish you lived in Florida).

Each season brings its own set of challenges and joys. Whatever state or season you are in, hang in there, Mama—you're doing a better job than you think you are.

*Special thanks to my friends who provided input for this article.

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