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Challenge: WHO Are You?

You may never be THAT girl and that's totally fine

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You were never really a girl's girl or a guy's girl either.

You were never picked first for dodgeball, and you weren't the girl who always got the top score.

You're not the girl that got into Harvard or the girl who always had, or has, lots of friends.

You are not the girl who has it all figured out, and you've never been, nor are you now the most beautiful girl.

You may not be the girl other girls want to be, and, perhaps, you're not even the girl you told your dear diary that you would one day become.

But, hear this and hear it loud and clear:

You are God's girl, and in His eyes, you are exactly the girl you are supposed to be.

You're the girl this world needs.

You're the girl your family needs.

You're the girl your son and daughters need and the girl your husband wants.

You're the girl with purpose.

You're the girl with hope.

You're the girl with dreams.

And, what's even more than that, is that you're the girl with

love in her heart,

who naturally wears empathy and understanding on her sleeve,

and who oozes compassion and support out of her being onto any lucky recipient in the vicinity.

You are strong as hell,

determined as fudge,

and you are doing big things with your life even if your big things are pint-sized and call you "Mommy."

You may never be the girl who graces the cover of a magazine.

You may never be the girl who owns or plays for a well-renowned sports franchise.

You may never be the girl who owns a company and makes bank.

You may never be the girl who writes a book or gets on TV.

You may never be THAT girl.

And, that, well, that's totally fine.

Because, you, you will always be God's girl and one of the many females this Earth, it's people, and your children and family will forever need.

And, if you're His girl and your own girl, then please remember that not only does nothing else matter, but you're also hella' worth emulating.

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