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From clean houses to extra coffee: Parenting is full of goodbyes and hellos

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We said goodbye to peace and quiet.

To cups of coffee that could be consumed while steaming hot, meals that could be eaten before they turned ice cold, laundry that could be finished in a few loads, and a bed that was shared by just the two of us.

We said goodbye to conversations consisting of both a beginning and an end, spur of the moment date nights that kept us out past midnight, and lazy Saturday afternoons spent binge-watching Netflix.


We said goodbye to rooms that were neat and tidy, floors that were clear and spotless, and a clean, crumb-free couch, complimented by furniture that still looked brand new.

Oh, and sleep. We totally said goodbye to sleep.

But every goodbye faded into a fuzzy background of insignificance as we laid eyes on the most precious hello. A warm, tiny bundle of sweetness wrapped up in blankets of perfection.

As we welcomed you home, we said hello to the ebbs and flows of parenthood, the learning curve of becoming a family, the hardest lessons in humility, and to dreams now belonging to the three of us.

We said hello to wakeup calls that lasted from sunset to sunrise, to a house blaring with the loudest level of chaos, to the highest possible level of exhaustion, and to a new, yet somehow wonderful, kind of crazy.

We said hello to memories made out of constant messiness, to furniture decorated with nicks and scratches, and to a couch covered in crunched up Goldfish, completely worn from hours of cuddling.

We said hello to a deep, fierce love spilling out of our hearts, hearts that were now held in the palm of the tiniest, little hand, and to the beginning of a new chapter in the story of our lives.

Oh, and caffeine. We totally said hello to (even more) caffeine.

You, sweet one, have no way of knowing the amount of sacrificial weight held in each and every one of our goodbyes but please know this: we would do it again in an instant and with absolutely no hesitation.

Because you are worth more than a lifetime of goodbyes.

And because you sweet child, have always been our favorite and most beautiful hello.

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