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Challenge: Raising kids is stressful. Let’s share ways to make it less so.

Worked for Me: Manic Mornings, Mom Guilt & Make-it-Stop Tantrums

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Here’s the truth. I work full-time, have two young kids and 1 husband... who lives in another state. I'm not complaining just being candid when I say "trying to do it all" can be trying.

I get asked often about how I pull off "work-life balance". I always say there's no such thing. My most honest answer is don't be afraid to lean on your support and also try tricks that work for others.

We doodle our day every night. It's

From getting the kids out the door faster to giving them more "me" when there is no time, here are few things I've found success with.

Hyperlapse Your Morning:

  • Start Sunday. I look at the week’s forecast and then pick out my kids outfits for the entire week. You can put them in ziplocks or find a good place in the house or bedroom to lay them out. To avoid wardrobe battles I let my daughter be part of the process. Pack activity bags too. Adora does ballet, ice skating & swims so I have a separate bag for each pre-packed with the outfit or uniform for that week. This helps avoid the stress of doing it on the fly.
  • Before school cut out cartoons and tech stuff like the iPad. You don’t have time for your kid to get locked in a trance
  • Crank it up! Put some fun jams on your iTunes, Pandora or the radio! Music in the morning is an instant mood booster and will get you going faster and the kids love.

Mom Guilt Go Away: I deal daily with my daughter pleading for me not to go to work. The truth is I spend more time at work than I do at home. I’ve realized it’s really important to create ‘moments’ when I am with my kids. One of the best things to stumble upon was the “Doodle Your Day” book. Every night my daughter and I doodle before bed. I make a point to reinforce this is “our moment”. One day we might draw what we had for lunch on another we sketch the weather. “Our moment” can last anywhere from 3 minutes to 15 and knowing it’s just for her makes it something she looks forward to every night.

Public Tantrums: When my 4 year old goes bonkers in public places I don’t get embarrassed I get the manager. “The manager?” you ask. Yes I don’t know where it came from but one day I just started telling Adora if she didn’t stop I’d get the manager and she would stop immediately. Of course early on I had to explain the manager was the person in charge of wherever we were. I think this plays up to the feeling your kids are always great when someone else is watching them (i.e. school, grandparents etc). She has no problem acting out under me but when you bring someone else with authority into the picture she won’t test it.

Can’t guarantee any of this will work but if you're like me... it's always good to have new options!

Seeing my son Bob after being gone for a week for work

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