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With 2020 Stress At An All-time High, Here Are 5 Reasons Why Moms Should Seriously Consider Engaging on Pinterest

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Of all the social media sites to join, Pinterest is probably the most inspiring. Pinterest has been described as a visual search engine. It’s an online, photo-sharing site, where you can collect all things that you love, whether it’s your favorite recipes, hairstyles, clothes, fashion, health advice, kids’ crafts, fitness tips, business ideas, plus more. Essentially, you collect data for your specified, self-created, board and you “pin,” or share, it. It’s really that simple. You can even choose whether you want your boards to be public for everyone to see, or private for your own personal use.

With over 400 million monthly users, this site is one of the most popular platforms out there. Although more men are starting to use Pinterest, it is duly noted that women make up the majority of users, and with so many visitors to their site, there’s sure to be plenty of benefits for moms engaging on this platform, like the 5 I highlight below.

1. It’s Relaxing – With Pinterest, you can schedule some down time and scroll through an abundance of striking photos. With the strain from COVID, politics, and civil unease, people are trying to find ways to relax and reduce stress. If you look through photos on Pinterest, you’ll quickly see that people post some of the most beautiful images in the world. According to the American Institute of Stress, certain images can have a calming effect, and research suggests that particular patterns can even reduce stress. So, if you like looking for ways to relax then scroll through Pinterest’s collection of beautiful art or intricately designed landscapes and unwind.

2. It’s a Way to Set Goals – You can post goals you want for your future, in the form of pictures. It might be a photo of the body type that you are working so hard to achieve, or a city you want to visit within the next five years, or even a competition you are training for. It can even be business goals. More and more moms are starting online businesses and getting inspiration from Pinterest. This social media giant allows you to create different boards that you name, then pin ideas from other boards that you like. You can also pin articles and photos from other websites directly to your Pinterest board. It’s so simple to use and navigate and you’ll find that your collection of boards and pictures will quickly fill up. Pinterest is where you can post the most abundant desires for your life, so dream big.

3. It’s a Great Place to Get Important Information – Moms are always in need of information, whether it’s the right recipe for dinner, or the best cold remedy for a sick child. The savvy mom is using her resources to find the best for her family, and a networking platform like Pinterest is the perfect place to get that much-needed information. You can find templates to use like chore charts, planners, and schedules. You can get home decorating or remodeling ideas, blogging tips, child-rearing advice and even find marketing and sales strategies. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination.

4. It’s a Positive Social Media Outlet – With the cruelty spreading on certain, unmentioned, social media platforms it’s refreshing to come to a place like Pinterest to escape the negativity. As co-founder Evan Sharp once said, “Pinterest may be the last positive corner of the internet…And that really matters, now more than ever.” With Pinterest, you can interact online by sharing inspiration. You can even join a group board and share common ideas. You can choose to follow other people, and they may even reciprocate the gesture, or you don’t have to follow anyone. It’s a wonderful forum to contribute to and receive from others.

5. It’s a Great Pastime to Enjoy with Your Kids – According to Pinterest’s guidelines, you need to be 13 years old to open an account, but that doesn’t mean a younger child can’t enjoy this platform with their parent. Kids can explore as well and find everything from gaming room setup ideas to room-decorating tips, from prom dress suggestions to funny jokes for kids. Imagine, dream and explore ideas with your kids and get some quality time in while you’re at it.

All in all, Pinterest is an entertaining hobby and it’s easy to spend hours on it. Imagine how fun it can be to locate all the things you yearn for yourself. Whatever the search, this site is sure to have it.

For a little inspiration and ideas on how to use this social giant, check out these 15 celebrity moms on Pinterest, or feel free to connect with me at Tinseltown Mom. Happy pinning!

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