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Challenge: Winter Survival Secrets

Winter Survival Secret: Amazon Prime Now

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Amazon Prime Now has single-handedly gotten me through this winter. I was telling a girlfriend about it at dinner last night and, despite being a devoted Amazon Prime fan, she’d never heard of Prime Now. Get this: anything you order comes in an hour. As in: 60 minutes. As in: lifesaving.

I can be sitting at the table doing play-dough with the kids and we can run out of some colors, so (picture my fingers flying on my phone) I just order more on Prime Now. When it comes, we’ll still be sitting there doing play-dough. And it just arrives at the door like magic! Okay fine, you have to pay $7.99 to get the one-hour option, but if you need something in two hours, it’s delivered for free. Free!

I can’t explain how many times I’ve used this service. Now my daughter says, “Hey, Mom, can I get a travel chessboard? Can you just go on Prime Now and get it?”

Here are a few of my orders and how they got me through this winter.

February 9:

Pedialyte Advanced Care Oral Electrolyte

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, Teal/White

My 4-year-old was burning up with fever in the middle of the night and I was freaking out. The one thermometer I had wasn’t working. I was deep into the cold compresses as I ordered these. Sadly, the only time Prime Now doesn’t deliver is in the middle of the night. But I wasn’t deterred. I ended up getting a Postmate to deliver medicine from Duane Reade at 3 am.

The infant pacifier thermometer is genius. Even the big kids love it. You just suck on it like a pacifier and after a minute or so, it turns green or red with the temperature read-out. All four of my kids have had a fever recently (#flu #winter #northeast #germs) so we’ve gotten a lot of use out of this sucker.


February 6:

Band-Aid Brand Waterproof Tape

My older son broke his finger in gym class. When he needed to shower, I would wrap up his splint in Saran Wrap. The waterproof tape over the splint proved to be even better than the regular first aid tape. Who knew.


February 6:

Scotch Paper Towels Choose-a-Sheet, Pack of 6

My daughter’s pre-school emailed all the parents asking for donations of paper towel rolls. You know: the cardboard insides of the paper towels. Um, does anyone save these? No. Ashamed at not being helpful in the regular plea for household goods, I whipped out my phone while I was on the sidelines of my daughter’s gymnastics class and sent a 6-pack of paper towels directly to the pre-school with a note: “I bet the kids will have fun unrolling these.” Donation: check!

February 5:

American Greetings My Little Pony Valentine Exchange Cards, 32 Count

American Greetings Paw Patrol Valentine Exchange Cards, 32 Count, Quantity: 2

American Greetings Hot Wheels Valentine Exchange Cards, 32 Count

American Greetings Batman Valentines Exchange Cards, 32 Count

American Greetings Hi Valentine’s Day Cards with Glitter, 6-count

American Greetings Friends Forever Valentine’s Day Card with Foil

When my big kids were little, I spent hours helping them painstakingly make valentine after valentine for each classmate. Glitter. Handwritten notes. Stickers. Now, with four kids, I’ve moved on to a grid format. Four kids, four classes, 60+ valentines to make. I started early this year and went store-bought, baby. No hand-made confections from us. It was a miracle we even had one for every classmate.

Plus, I threw one card in the cart for me to send to my close friend in Pennsylvania. (She calls it Pennsyl-tucky.) Every so often, I need to remind my friends how much I love them since I so rarely show it these days.

Note: no one wanted Hot Wheels or Batman. We now use those leftovers so my little ones can practice their cutting. I’ve had enough family photos Edward Scissorhanded to pieces.

January 29:

Pampers Cruisers Disposable Diapers, Size 6, 104 Count, Economy Pack Plus

Of course, I ran out. Completely. And my little guy had to wear a pull-up instead of a diaper overnight which meant at 2 am, I was in there changing the sheets while he giggled watching me. Good times.

January 29:

Peet’s Coffee French Dark Roast, 16 count, K-Cup

Zevia Natural Sugar-Free Soda, Ginger Ale, 6 count (12 fl oz each)

My husband needed coffee, badly, because someone had been up all night with a stomach virus and needed ginger ale. I can’t even remember which kid. And this was only a month ago.

December 24:

American Greetings Bright Christmas Medium Gift Bag Bundle, 3-count

American Greetings Dancing Polar Bear Card

American Greetings Dancing Snowman Christmas Card

My (Catholic) in-laws were visiting over the holidays and I suddenly realized that I needed to get them a little something aside from what I sent them for Hannukah.

December 24:

2013 Channing Daughters Chardonnay, Quantity: 2

2012, Twenty Bench, Cabernet Sauvignon, Quantity: 2

See above. The in-laws got wine. Everyone was happy.

December 16:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Set

Fisher Price Doodle Pro Trip, Red

The kids’ cousins needed gifts for the holidays and I’d waited too long to go shopping with all the holiday chaos. Who doesn’t love to pretend to mop? You know, because mopping is so much fun as an adult that we really need to get these little guys into it early.

December 6:

Duncan Hines Decadent Brownie Mix, Double Fudge, Quantity: 2

Special snack day at preschool. Yikes! Baked before sunrise.

November 30:

Children’s Zyrtec Allergy Relieve Dissolve Tablets, Citrus Flavored, 12-count

Non-stop congestion and sneezing. I was hoping my daughter had a cold instead of never-ending allergies. No dice.

November 28:

Little Remedies Tummy Relief Drops

My little guy had a tummy-ache. It kills me when he cries.

November 26:

Pampers Swaddlers Size 6, 72 Count

Ah, again I ran out! How does this always happen?

November 18:

14k Yellow Gold Square Tube Hoop Earrings

My older daughter’s pierced ear got infected from the Claire’s faux gold earrings. My pediatrician said from now on she could only wear 14k gold hoops to prevent infection. I had to send these to my daughter at my ex’s house when she lost her only pair. High price to pay.

So, these were my emergencies the past couple of months. Prime Now, thank you for getting me through this winter. Fellow moms, download it now and prepare to be rescued. Turns out our knight in shining armor is a yellow dotted app that allows us to live happily ever after. I'll take it.


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