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Why We Take an Annual Parent Only Trip

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Why We Take an Annual Parent Only Trip.

Back in the day my husband and I loved to travel. We would explore new places, eat tasty food, and hike to amazing views. Then we had kids. As a military family we still travel but oh my how times have changed. A few years ago, we decided to start an annual parent only trip and we have never looked back. Taking this uninterrupted kid free time has allowed us to refresh and reconnect without having to rush back to relieve the babysitter.

Recharge as a Couple

It is easy to lose who you are as husband and wife when you are constantly wearing the title of Mommy and Daddy. Throughout our trip we were able to have interruption free conversations which in this season of life is HUGE! We were able to truly be present with one another which isn’t always possible when responsible for two toddlers. It also helped us to recharge as individuals. I was able to read a book on the beach while my husband played beach volleyball. We were both able to participate in activities that we still love but do not always have the opportunity to do.

Experience New Things

We didn’t lose our love for exploring just because we had kids. I love trying new things as a family of four. However, there are simply places and things out there that we cannot explore with kids in tow. Traveling kid free enabled us to try paddle boarding for the first time, see wine country and experience the New Orleans jazz scene.

Meet New Friends

Some couples really enjoy meeting other people and making friends during their trip. I’m going to be perfectly honest... Brian and I aren’t one of those couples. I think this is due to the military lifestyle, we frequently meet new people in our everyday lives so during our vacation we just want to relax and spend quality time together. However, I have friends who have made lasting friendships while on vacation.

Make it Work for You

The parent only trip doesn’t have to be extravagant to be relaxing. I have friends who have stayed in a hotel within ten miles of their homes. It all has to do with what works for you and your significant other. Go somewhere that you are both comfortable with. When my oldest was still nursing my husband and I went to a local resort for our anniversary weekend and we brought her with us. It was impossible at that time to go anywhere without her since I was her food supply. She fell asleep in the stroller and we enjoyed a quiet dinner together at the resort restaurant. Make the trip work for you and your season of life. Soak up the time with one another and enjoy!!

I have realized that a strong marriage is not only good for my husband and I, but it is good for our children too. I truly feel that I returned from our most recent trip with the energy to be a better wife and a better mother. Plan something that enables you to recharge as a couple.


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